A Techie’s Valentine!

“Phew!! Finally they managed to score 300!!” said my friend S as she got up from the couch after India finished her innings in her first match in ICC World Cup, and that too against Pakistan.

“Yah! Let’s get done with the lunch in the meanwhile”, I said to her as I too got up. She was a big cricket fan, A Dhoni-fan I should rather say! All my three friends landed unannounced at my house to watch the match together. But it was no pain, it’s always fun to be with them.
“Sweetheart, why bother with the lunch. Let’s order something please”, suggested A.

I paused on my way to kitchen and turned back to her, thinking.

“Why so much thinnking dear?” asked A, “It’s ages we had pizza!!” She looked at me putting up her puppy face.

“If it’s all ok with everyone”, I said.

“Yayie!!”, shouted everyone in unison, who was I to interrupt.

We ordered pizza and waited for the delivery. With nothing at hand to do, we started discussing anything to everything random on this Earth, our favourite timepass. And in between this I knew, the day of Love that just went by yesterday couldn’t be left out of discussion. As soon as this thought crossed my mind, T as if read my mind, was the first one to bring up the topic.

“So, girls how was this Valentine’s? Anything interesting to tell or same regular boring day?”, she shooted.

I kept silent, switching on my good listener mode, listening when the rest of gang spilled their beans, rejoiced and complained about all the things that were concerned with the gone V-day. Getting no more interest in their conversations, I picked up my phone and logged into FaceBook to find yet another sets of updates about love, from singles and couples alike. Uff! I thought. Then there was this video that particularly caught my eye. This had been doing rounds on social media but I had ignored it earlier.

At that moment, S snatched my phone away and asked, “Do you plan to remain single all life?”

I threw them a blank look as they all stared at me. I had completely lost focus on their conversation and was totally unaware what they expected from me this moment.

“Umm, obviously no!! But don’t you think self-love comes first? That’s #UnconditionalLove!!”

“We all love ourselves, don’t we? What so different you have got to say?” snapped A.

“She will preach now”, said T in undertone.

“I heard that”, I said, “Anyways, who needs someone when I can pamper myself! Who needs someone when I have phone that gives me company everytime I need it and so much more.” I pointed to my new Asus Zenfone 5, which was lying in hands of S right now, unaware that it was the object of glory right now.

“Make this your Valentine then!” scoffed S, handing me my precious phone back to me.
“It  is, already”, I winked.
“Oh really? Give us just 5 reasons why?”, A was stubborn on getting answers from me now. Her usual self.

“Ok, if you demand it. Here I go, don’t blame me later, you asked for it yourself”, and I showed off my phone with best of my abilities, which was my rare self. “One, Exquisitely crafted, my Asus Zenfone 5 is a perfect blend of intelligent technology and beautiful design. It’s slim, elegant and light weight, and reflects my simplicity. It completely resonates with my personality. Two, I can enjoy flawless performance and responsiveness with g a 1.6 GHz Intel dual core processor, PowerVR GPU and 2 GB RAM, Furhter I can multitask seamlessly, switch between apps without any lags, browse through heavy webpages effortlessly, and indulge in immersive 3D gaming. Three, I can be the careless me at times, as The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects it from scratches and accidental screen damages. You know me, how many times my phones falls off my hands! Four, a strong 2110 mAh battery which gives up to 18 hours of 3G talk time and 353 hours of 3G standby time, so I can be tension free about that  critical low battery situtaion. Five, the music freak in me gets its due with Asus’s SonicMaster technology which is designed to deliver an exceptional sound experience. I can shut out the world and get lost in music whenever I want!”

They all stared at me, obviously stunned.

“Is it enough or shall I continue? I have a few more reasons left by-the-way! You asked only for five”,  I beamed.

They shook their at head in negative and said in unison, “Fine, we agree!”.

“See this is such a low-maintenance Valentine! Why would I want anyone else?? ”  Saying this, I got up to open the door for the pizza delivery boy who had rung the door bell to end our discussion. It was pizza time now!

This post is written for Indiblogger Happy Hour and Asus Zenfone.


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