Ticking Off Bucket List!

“Yes sweetheart?”
He was watching news on his favourite news channel NDTV. Meanwhile a series of advertisements blocked the flow of the news. It was this particular advert that caught my attention.

I don’t have much knowledge about insurance policies but tag line of this advert caught my fancy and sent me travelling to the world of my own.

“You were saying something?” He poked me again. I have already taken seat on my train of thoughts before he could join me. His question brought me back.
“Umm.. Was just wondering if we could just follow our heart and do whatever we want to do for the rest of our life! Without any tensions and restrictions.”
“That would be lovely indeed”, he said  getting up from the sofa.
“Let’s go for a walk”, he offered. It has been ages I went for a walk with dad. What used to be daily tradition had now become a rare occasion, courtesy my limited days at home since I joined higher education.
“Sure”, I agreed and followed him in the park right in front of our home.

“So, if you get this opportunity to tick off a few things from your bucket list, then what would be them?” he shot suddenly after he walked in silence for almost five minutes. I knew this was going to be the rarest of the rare occasions when heart-to-heart conversations happened between father and daughter.

“My bucket list is too long Dad. It might take whole night if we were to discuss it now”, I said reluctantly.
“We don’t have whole night yet a few of them can be shared. What say?” He was eager to take a ride on my train. It rejuvenates him, he used to say.
“Ok, then.” I said, as I settled on the lone bench in the park. He sat beside me.

First, I want to Travel. Travel all around the globe, and not only travel but also explore the city I live in. I don’t want to stay in a place. I want to Live not stay.” As I said this a smile already made its way to face. Since childhood I loved travelling and exploring until the world tied me down with its chain of restrictions.

Second, I want to Write. Write and get published. So that I can take other people to have a peek in my world of words and let them escape reality whenever they want to. I want my writing to help and heal.”, I paused, wondering if that would ever happen.
“Your writing do make us proud. It’s a beautiful experience to see you taking the legacy forward”. he smiled as he said this, I could see the pride for his daughter in his eyes. As he said this I remembered the source of this rare gift, my GrandPa. I sent a silent Thank You up towards the heaven.

Third is,  I want to go on an aimless Shopping Spree! Yah, I sound crazy with this one, but for once I want to shop whatever catches my fancy without having to think twice about buying it!” I waited for his reaction on this one but his smile just wanted me to go on. I guess he didn’t approve this one!

“So what’s next on the list?”
Next, I want to read and read and read so many books that I own a library for myself!!!”
“This is what makes you truly my daughter. I wish I could read even half of what you read. But this office sucks up whole time and even life out of me”, he gave voice to his thoughts. I knew how fond he is of reading, with so many books on his shelf waiting to be read.

“Let’s go now”, he said as he looked at his watch, “It’s almost eleven now.”
“Yah, let’s go. I have packing to finish for the morning train tomorrow and you also have office to attend”, I said as got up too.

“There’s one more thing on the top of my bucket list that I forgot to mention”, I said, really wanting to share this one.
“Yes, go on”, he said encouragingly.
“Umm.. I know there aren’t any promised tomorrows for any one but I really want to help people out of their sufferings. I want to join in some kind of social group to lend my helping hand to humanity”, I ended as we walked towards the front door of our home.
“This is what I was wanting to hear. My daughter acknowledging the ideology of her father”, he said as he opened the door. I followed him inside, thinking if these things will be off my list someday. Above everything I wanted to be an inspiration. I wanted to inspire someone, even if just one person.

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