The Detour

Raghvi takes a detour while returning home from the party. What is it that makes her both excited and nervous?

The Celebration

Reflecting upon her past amidst her own celebration party, what makes Raghvi leave in the middle of it. What is this detour about?

The Earring

What is it about this earring that makes Raghvi panic? Is it too precious or it holds a clue to other secrets!

The Pitter-Patter

Even the loudest of Pitter-patter is unable to drown the voices inside her head. The rain outside is a reminder of an event that nobody knows about. What is she hiding?

Hidden Gem – Orchha

Situated on the banks of River Betwa, Orchha is just not another heritage town but a hidden gem. Exploring this place was an absolute delight

The Unveiling

He came home early today. Will I be able to clear the mess before he reaches the door or will my secret be unveiled?