Who Am I?

Well, what to say about me…. I am always short of words when it comes to describing myself.

I am Crazy.
I am Silly.
I am Funny.
I am Cute.
I am Brave.
I am Girly.
I am Sweet.
I am Loud.
I am Cheerful.
I am annoying.
I am Energetic.
I am Fun.
I am outgoing….sometimes.

I am not everything I wish I could be…..But m everything I NEED to be..

People who know me describe me in different ways- Designer, Dreamer, Writer, Reclusive(I don’t agree on this one though!), Creative, Poetess(Poems are something that come naturally!), Storyteller(I thank my Imagination for my stories), Artist, Photography Enthusiast (I love clicking photos! Thinking of launching a Photo-Blog soon! And I am not defining “soon” in terms of days, weeks or month for now! :P), Perfectionist(yes, i can panic if things are not just perfect for me and by things i mean everything), Talkative(way too much at times!) and… Apart from these what I call myself is that I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a philosopher, a thinker, a listener, an advisor and a bird with the wings of imagination! Now you can add your own descriptions!! 😛

I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die. -Issac Asimov

I am in deeply love with the words! They are life to me. No words can describe the feeling of penning down the emotions. Words fail me to describe the joy that comes with sharing the world of my imagination through my words. Expressions” is a place where , Feelings are let go and words are unleashed; a place where I Express myself and all my imagination come alive!Come fly with me with wings of words in my world of imagination.

I write to Express! Feelings are best described through art, the art that I choose is the art of words!

Do tell me about your views… post your comments 🙂

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