Adieu 2023!

Stepping into the future,
Brought sadness and happiness alike;
January celebrations at home,
With surprises dream-like.

We walked into February Sunsets,
Through sands of pristine Goa beach;
Searching for the pearls, we found,
All the lessons sea could teach.

Towards the city of Haridwar,
Lord Shiva beckoned us;
March filled our soul with peace,
Like serenity painted with a brush.

April stocked up our tummies,
With cuisines of the Food festival,
With proud heart and moist eyes,
Some leaps were made epochal.

Warmth of the summer sun,
Wouldn’t filled the distanced heart;
May let us capture,
Every Pixel of each Art.

Pleasure drive turned adventure,
June flowed like a river;
With bigger Goodbyes in tow,
Longer distances gave me a shiver.

July became the month of love,
Unveiling the impromptu travel;
Leaving my senses amazed,
When I saw the beauty of Taj unravel.

August ringed in and called,
All the festival came along;
Though the distance punctured our hearts,
They still kept singing the same song.

Strolling through the green lands,
September strengthened the corporate ties;
Capturing moments on every date,
We wondered how the time flies.

October unpacked the social quarter,
When we wandered at the farm stay;
Against the magical sounds of conch shell,
In the traditional looks we would slay.

November sprinkled glitter and joy,
Rekindling old friendship afresh;
In creating new ones,
We saw burning away of the stress.

December weddings are love,
With laughter and giggles of reunions;
Grabbing keys of treasure,
With few signatures at once.

One after the other,
Months turned a new page;
Time vanished in thin air,
Like flying out of the cage!

With dreams and hopes strong,
We step into 2024;
Dreaming of abundance and,
Awaiting knocks at our door.

© Inking Expressions
31st December 2023.

6 thoughts on “Adieu 2023!

  1. Lovely poem to sum up your year, Nibha! Wishign you a very happy and amazing 2024! May your wishes come true…may you be blessed with abundance in all aspects of your life!

  2. Your year seemed pretty eventful, Nibha, and you’ve captured it so beautifully in this poem. Wish you a wonderful year ahead. 🙂 <3

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