A Little Inspiration

Day 5 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words requires us to share something inspirational.

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

Inspiration. The word in itself seems so big and so is its meaning. In life it so happens that we are inspired by someone. There is inspiration everywhere for those who seek- from
the Leaders in different fields, Quotes and thoughts of great people, Deeds of some kind people and surely the biggest inspiration comes from the people around us, the people we know- Our Family and Friends. But it truly feels when hear the words “You inspire me“.

Well, having just seen twenty-something springs in my life, and leading a very simple life (thanks to my parents for that), I really don’t have any going-through-dark-and-coming-
out-with-flying-colors sort of inspirational story yet. I could have shared some story I have read somewhere but then it won’t be coming out of personal experience. Then there are
some stories we are so used to listening/reading whenever we fail at something that they don’t really inspire us anymore!

Recently as my writing passion took over me, my other dormant-writing friend said to me, “Your sudden writing spree has inspired me to start writing again.” It felt good that I
can also be an inspiration to someone. But this doesn’t qualify to be an inspiring story/experience, does it?

So, here’s something close to my heart that I would like to share:

When I was little and would get upset when my silly wishes wouldn’t be fulfilled, my Dad would share his experiences with me. One day he told me the story of a little boy. He was
the youngest among his brothers and sisters. He used to help his father and brothers in the little business they had. Being the youngest one, he was the one usually sent for the errands. This errand trips were usually to “big” people’s offices. Time flew by. He grew up juggling between errands and his studies. Soon his hard-work and perseverance paid off and he got into service. A moment of joy it was. But he didn’t stop there. This was just the first step of the ladder of success he was to climb. There was no looking back from then. No errands. His consistency has now made him a successful man, a self-made man as people say; and also a source of constant inspiration to his daughter. Yes, you guessed it right! I later came to know that this was His story. Since then he is my biggest inspiration in all times. I am so proud of you Dad! Cheers to you!

Well, it was just a little story that I had. What’s yours?

But all this inspiration will fail if we ignore the biggest inspiration, the inspiration of our voice within, that is voice of our soul, voice of God. Remember,

You are an Inspiration too, to Yourself and to others!


39 thoughts on “A Little Inspiration

  1. Wow.That should warm the cockles of your dad’s heart.There can be no better inspiration than parents and lucky are those who get such.

  2. Nibhz, that was so lovely. I have read a few responses for the prompt and this is my most favorite till now. I am so glad that you have such an inspiration at your home. I am not a daddy’s girl but still I always adore the relationship of Dad-Daughter. You have narrated so well. Hugs.

  3. Of course, the majority of our inspirations in life come from our own parents. My dads personal stories were inspiring too, the way he took tuitions to support his own education to quote an example. You reminded me of him, thanks for that.

  4. how amazing your Dad seems to be!!
    You are blessed Nibhz! And he must be so proud of his little girl

  5. Beautiful ode to your Dad for an inspiring life. My Dad, friends, celebs and strangers have been an inspiration to life and look for inspiration in small things.

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