Escaping The Party!

Here’s another diary entry of the ordinary girl. Lets read it together..

Dear Diary,
 Phew! What an escape! Finally back to my den. A book by my side is waiting to be read. The loud music still seems to resonate in my ears and I know it won’t let me sleep.

I always wonder how can people find peace and refreshment in that shitty loud music. I fear it might burst my eardrums! It makes my every nerve tense. And these dancing freaks, don’t they get tired? As and when party happens I am the first one to take the role of DJ (Recently complimented for the choice of songs I played! 😛 ). They don’t get to have the fun I have watching others dance! 😛

Well I’m not a party hater but surely not a party animal. Partying is not on my list of preferred means of enjoyment. I know it sounds weird and that’s the word my friend use to describe me often. I don’t mind it now because I can’t help it. That’s the way I am. A perfect misfit,I would say. It surely doesn’t always feel good. Being a misfit and handling the baggage of feelings that comes along has never been so easy. People treat you like an alien. Sometime they would make fun of your choices and make you doubt yourself. At other times they would shower you with infinite advices on how to be like one of them. Silly world no?

But they don’t feel the peace I feel while I’m lost in the world of a book. I live a New life everytime I read something new. They won’t understand this. It’s rejuvenating and nothing can compare the combination of a good book and soft music.

Enough of writing now, the book is tempting me to put the pen down and pick it instead.

With background music so loud
It bursts my imagination cloud
Each passing moment makes it worse
Is not partying also a curse?

Ordinary “Party-Escaping” Girl.

So are you a party animal or seeks an escapes from the parties? Do share your partying experiences.
You may read the other pages of diary here! The thoughts shared aren’t from the personal diary of the writer. They are based on observation and input from friends and personal experiences. NaBloPoMo_APR14_465x287_blogrollUBC-banner2 atoz [2014] - BANNER - 910 mysign

57 thoughts on “Escaping The Party!

  1. Combination of a good book and soft music is perfect, I read with the music playing in the background.But sometimes I like to party with the works, loud music, dancing and fun 🙂 Enjoyed reading your post.

  2. I hate loud parties.
    You know, I was never into diary writing though it has always fascinated me.
    A lovely post indeed

  3. I am mostly a soft soothing kind of music person but sometimes it’s good to get in the groove and dance mad. Another great diary entry!

  4. I so agree. I eve have low music on when I write or translate or… read. I love reading. People who don’t read live in a very closed world, that has little room for expansion. Thumbs up, Nibha!

  5. I don’t mind a loud party – maybe once a year LOL When I am driving, I can’t get the music loud enough — It’s not loud enough unless my Jeep is rocking!

  6. for me partying means, only me and my friends having sum fun.. nt the kind of parties wer loud music is played n all! i wud rather prefer to b alone than to b in such parties!

  7. No. Not a party animal at all 🙂 I enjoy going to parties, but like curling up with a book better than loud music.

  8. party of enjoyment is really good but not in a indecent manner………………good post indeed……
    making us habitual of reading your post despite long office-working hours……..God bless u ….
    for always for good writing……..

  9. I used to be like this girl and avoid social situations like parties but in the last year or so, I have come to enjoy them. I still won’t do night clubs but I enjoy going out partying and I love my time with books too! 🙂

    1. That’s a nice change you had, I guess sometimes the monotonous life we live forces us to change for the betterment of ourselves!

  10. Quite the Introvert! I was this person until a few years ago! Fear kept me away from people but over the years now, I go up to people and start talking to them, getting to know them and eventually get invited to their parties…that’s the series I’m writing on too…building relationships..been hurt myself but going on forward 🙂
    Great post! Loved the way you put it forward! Brought back memories!

  11. When you talked about party, all sorts of songs were playing in my head. When you talked about book I found tranquility! It is like hell n heaven- when you belong to both the worlds, though I am not much of a party person, but I do enjoy them without a doubt. Dancing is one of my favorite hobby, so is reading and getting lost deep into those amazing words. Loved the poem… 😀

  12. Did you write about me?? I am just the same. I dont like loud music and I CANT dance. Earlier, I used to feel odd about this and yes, people are good at making you feel inadequate too. But now I am very comfortable in my own skin.

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