Reader’s Paradise

*That one Favorite corner of your home where you feel most peaceful*

Yes, There is always a special corner/place in your place that will be your favorite;
>>The one that gives you peace when your train of thoughts deny stopping at any platform,
>>The one that fills you with ideas when you have none,
>>The one that makes you happy of your solitude,
>>The one where you are most likely to be found when not found elsewhere.
There is one such place in my bedroom too, the corner by the balcony door. A bookshelf stands nearby. A perfect corner for a bookaholic to travel far in the world of words while enjoying the beauty outside the balcony.

To create this favorite corner of mine a perfect reader’s paradise, I would go for a simple yet stylish contemporary theme.

Alkemi Decor Glass Deco Film Pattern 5


I would love this Alkemi Decor Glass Deco Film Pattern 5 to decorate the plain glass door of my balcony. The peppy look and modern feel will surely fill me with positivity and shower me with optimism at times when I feel low. The shades of orange are a perfect match to my peach-colored walls and adds the element of perfection to my room as well.



Style Homez Denim Football Bean Bag


Next I want Style Homez Denim Football Bean Bag to sink in with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Wow! What a feeling! This would then will be a place where I can rest after a long tiring day and give my thoughts some words. A perfect to read, write and blog!




A Deknudt Mirror – (9812.ARN)


Last for now but not the least, A Deknudt Mirror – (9812.ARN) next to my bookshelf! This out of the box design of the mirror will zest me up whenever I will have a look at it. The design is inspiring and gives out the message to live life Queensize. So, for it’s multipurpose for me πŸ˜› Filling me energy and inspiration whenever I step out of my room and refilling me with the same energy when I get back here.




Being a follower of “Simplicity is ultimate Sophistication“, I tend to choose the simplicity with style! For now my cart is full to redecorate my paradise, but my heart is not. I’m sure to give in for the desire to decorate my other parts of home with a bit of different theme and color!

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4 thoughts on “Reader’s Paradise

  1. Loove it! For the time being, I like my room where I sit and write. In the future, let’s hope, I get a house with a huge balcony where I can work, sip coffee, write and read, adorned with colors-orange and blue, a combination of light hues and manifestation of brilliance:)

  2. good choice nibhz πŸ™‚ I love your theme of reader’s paradise πŸ™‚ wish I could have one. that bean bag especially looks appealing

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