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Patriotism hadn’t faded when another opportunity knocked the door to attend the Beating Retreat. The Beating Retreat ceremony officially denotes the end of Republic Day festivities. Conducted on the evening of 29 January, the third day after the Republic Day, it is performed by the bands of the three wings of the military, the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. The venue is Raisina Hills and an adjacent square, Vijay Chowk, flanked by the north and south block of the Rashtrapati Bhavan(President’s Palace) towards the end of Rajpath.

As 1,000 bandsmen of the Indian armed forces brought music alive, I couldn’t help but getting lost in the total different world of music!! I have never experienced music like this before! I have always wanted to attend the music concerts but this wish of mine realized in totally unbelievable way. There was a constant smile pasted on my face and pride was the only feeling in my heart. The cold waves of winter had warmth of music in them. Around me I could see some people trying to capture the rhythmic beats of the bands in their cameras. A girl however was busy taking selfies irrespective of her surroundings!

As the Sun retired from his daily duty and the festivities ended, The Rashtrapati Bhawan looked even more beautiful, bathed in faded sunlight. It was an overwhelming sight.

Rashtrapati Bhwan1

At its Glory
At its Glory

Soon after this, the whole area was open for the public and people could be seen everywhere clicking selfies and group photos, trying to capture the breathtaking scenes in their cameras! Food vendors quietly entered the masses to make some quick money. And this was not all, I couldn’t contain my amusement and blurted out “Wah ri Dilli” when I saw a vendor selling panipuri there balancing his portable stall near what had been security entrances a few hours before!! That was amusing when on the other side the news reporters were busy interviewing common people covering for their respective news channels.

The best thing about such events is, you get to see the real colors and diversity of our beloved Country. Loved the experience!

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