Fearful Encounter


She could feel the goosebumps as she saw her villain fast approaching her, drops of sweats making her feel squeamish.
Fear has painted her face white, lips trembled and her eyes seem to pop out in horror.
She kept screaming for help at the top of her voice every few seconds, hoping someone would hear her but there was nobody to rescue.
Already sitting in the corner of the secluded room, she could see no escape out of here.
After minutes which seemed like hours to her, she gained courage to take off her slippers and kill the villainous spider.

Word Count: 100

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Prompt- Squeamish
Prompt- Squeamish


20 thoughts on “Fearful Encounter

  1. A surprise ending is always good. As a writer, I advise you to stick within the close point of view. She couldn’t see her white face or her eyes popping. Instead, describe how those things affected her.

  2. God! A lizard would bring out these reactions in me, though I wouldnt have the courage to kill it!

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