Happiness Unlocked

It was dark. I had switched off all the lights and was in no mood to make any conversations so I had conveniently switched off my phone too. I was just lying and thinking over-thinking. I don’t know what had gone wrong during the day but today surely hadn’t been my day at all. I felt sad. I felt lonely.
I heard a soft knock at my door. I didn’t bother to even ask who it was. I knew who it would be. Next moment she was sitting by side. The knock wasn’t for seeking permission, it was just for letting me know, it’s her. She nudged me to get up, and I did. not wanting to protest. Though my brain said I didn’t want any company, but my heart knew I needed one!
“Di, have this”, my little sis, grown up to be a friend now, handed me a can of Coca-Cola. She said it always worked for her to lift up her spirits whenever she felt low. I always wondered how was it possible or was something else mixed with it! But I took it anyway.
She knew I usually don’t share with her what makes me feel so pathetic at times, so she didn’t even ask. But she would make me smile, she had her ways. Today was one such day. She dragged me to the terrace, obviously against my wishes. But you don’t really have an option of saying no to your stubborn sibling, do you? The cool midnight breeze of March calmed my soul and cleared my mind instantly.
“What makes you happy??” She asked me, a few minutes later.
Lost in my thoughts , I didn’t really understand what she meant by such a question.
“Like travelling and exploring new places would make me happy. What will make you happy?”
“There are lots of things that make me happy”, I replied.
“I don’t think so”, she said, as a matter of fact.
“Why do you think so? ” I asked her.
“Umm.. ok, prove me if I am wrong. Tell me what makes you happy then, list them”. I didn’t know what she was trying to achieve by knowing my reasons of happiness, but not wanting to offend her, I decided to follow her track of conversation and gave in.
“Like you, I also love travelling, it makes me happy”
“ok, I knew that one. That kind of runs in our blood. What else?”
“Umm.. “, I thought hard. “Shopping!”, I winked as I said this.
“I know we are shopping sisters!”, she chuckled. “Let’s get down to simpler things.”
“Yes, simple like a cup of coffee here. Ofcourse only when it rains, not in summers.” she said.
“Oh if that’s the case, writing a perfect piece of poetry.”
“That’s one… go on.”
“A book to help me escape reality….”
“Hmm.. I not letting you escape from here though, next on the list.”
“You seem to very keen on knowing the whole list?”
“I said next”, she feigned anger.
“Ok ma’am, then I would love it when a friend calls. It feels good to have someone to talk to, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it does. That’s why I’m talking to you! “, this time she winked. I smiled.
“Then there’s cooking that makes me happy sometimes.”
“And your cooking makes my stomach happy”, and we both giggled.
“And then sitting like this gazing at star-studded sky with someone who loves you and cares about you..”, I said as I closed my eyes to feel the air that brushed past me. This had made her smile.
After a few minutes of silence, she spoke again, “And you couldn’t find a single thing out of those things today to make yourself smile even?”

I now knew the point of whole exercise. All this while she was making me realize what I was not making an effort to see. That happiness was a just a step away, and that step was mine to take and not someone else’s. Those simple things that I had listed out to her were my keys to daily happiness then why wasn’t I opening the door for it to enter! I smiled when I realized how simply she handed me the key to my happiness.
“So you would still call it a sad day or did you manage to find out what made you happy today?”, she asked, giving me a stern look.
I smiled and nodded. “You”, I said as I got up to hug her. Yes, A hug, that’s what I needed the whole day to put everything back together. 

Celebrating International Day of Happiness with Coca-Cola.


13 thoughts on “Happiness Unlocked

  1. Awww, this was great. What a wise sister who knows what’s important. Glad she made you look for ways to be happy. Sometimes we forget.

  2. Yes simple things is all it takes to feel happy 🙂 Nicely done, Nibha! And having two younger sisters I know how sisters can bring happiness in life!

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