The Memory #2


Wondering what happened before?? Here’s it:

The Date #1

The sun was saying its goodbye in the most beautiful of the ways possible, which no one else can ever do. The sky seems to be like a canvas on which Nature is playing with the hues of red and orange. I stared blankly at the sunset. Even this beautiful scenery couldn’t beat that beach-side sunset of the previous week.

A week?? It’s been just a week! It feels like years to me. Seven days have gone but still I’m unable to forget her smile,Β she should smile more often. Seven days have gone yet her laughter resounds in my ears. Seven days have gone and her face still flashes in dreams every time I sleep. Seven days had gone by but I still haven’t mustered up the courage to call her. It was easy getting her number from the database but to send her a message has been harder than I thought.

Various thoughts keep coming back. Will it make me a stalker? What would she think of me? Did she even miss me? She must have forgotten about me by now. What should I write in the message so that I won’t appear clingy? Or should I call her instead and pretend like it’s by chance I called? Nah. She would know I’m faking. Girls always know it, I don’t know how.

The Sun has already set by now but the storm of my thoughts is still up. I got up from the chair in the balcony of my 3BHK home and walked back to my reading room.Β  I should have taken atleast one picture of us together, I ponder. I took out phone from the pocket of jeans. I looked at her picture that I have saved from the company’s portal. There’s no account of hers on any popular social networking sites that I could find. I wonder what just a random date can do! Was it a Date?? I so want to see her again. But how?

I again type a message for her..

Hi, Remember me from the sunset, previous week?

But should I send it??? The doubt pops up again.

Wondering what happens next?? Here’s it:

The Hope #3



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