The Parcel

The Lost Emerald

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Chapter Nine

The Parcel

Touching every surface of the parcel gave her goosebumps. She went straight to her reading nook and unwrapped the parcel gently. Without even realizing, her eyes had shed a few tears on the packaging.

She wiped her tears with her hands and took a seat on her sofa chair. She held it close to heart and then finally she let go. The tears flowed unashamed and a sense of relief overwhelmed her.

She looked at it again, feeling every inch of it. She finally felt free.

The doorbell rang and she sprang into action. She quickly hid it between her books on the wooden shelf. The time has not come yet for Arjun to see this.

As she walked towards the door, she quickly fixed her face. Arjun could never see her cry. Not about this.

The lone emerald earring on the dressing table caught his eye. He remembered the day he had gifted her those. It was their tenth wedding anniversary and he planned this huge surprise for her. Sadness spilled over him when recounted the morning, when he saw one of them was gone. He had never seen her so devastated, at the loss of a piece of jewellery She had seemed much more anxious about it than it required to be.

Coming to think about her, Arjun pondered about her changed behaviour in last few weeks. She didn’t seem like the usual Raghvi. Yesterday, when he had returned home, he could see it in her eyes that she had cried, a lot. Today, being his birthday, she only wished him once which sounded too formal. She didn’t even plan anything special today.

An uneasy feeling gripped him. Maybe they just needed to talk. Something was definitely not right.

A chime on his phone brought him back to the reality.

“I have to tell you something..” it was Raghvi’s message followed by a drop location requesting him to reach there.

Chapter Ten

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