Who Will Listen To The Listeners? #MondayMusings

It was a few days back when I wasn’t feeling quite right and needed a boost for my confidence and self-esteem. I decided to call a very good friend of mine to talk and share whatever was in my mind. Minutes or an hour later when I hung up I was in the same situation as before or worse I can say. What we talked about for so long was nothing related to me, surprisingly because I had called to crib about my problems and dilemmas, which for some people don’t exist in my life. For them, I live a perfect life and therefore I have no right to crib or complaint.

But this wasn’t the first time something like this happened. I know, if I say this I should have become used to it by now, which I have but.. Oh I so wish this life was devoid of ifs and buts. Yes, but those expectations. No matter how much we train our mind to not expect anything from people, our heart fails us when it grows close to someone. No, we won’t talk about expectations in this post.

So, has it ever happened with you that all you really wanted was to blabber and somewhere was there to just listen, JUST LISTEN. No advice, no solutions, no questions, no answers. Just pure listening. I know you would have wanted that. Everyone wants that, but rare people get that. Because what happens is you end up listening to that person instead!! And you know why you do that! Because you know how it feels to not have someone to listen. So which side are you on? The listeners or the blabbers?
If you belong to the former group, I give you a warm hug. I totally understand what you go through.

But I wonder why is that so? Why don’t we listen anymore? Why are we ready to react, advice and conclude just when the words come out of the speaker’s mouth. Where is the patience gone? Where is the empathy to feel? Where is the art of listening vanished? Is it because we live the age of technology where everything is so instant that nobody has time or patience to pause for a minute and listen to what others have to say? There are only questions but answers none.

But I guess this answers the sudden rise of writers these days. Everybody is opting the company of the pen because it doesn’t judge, it listens to those words the writer pens down in the page, it feels the emotions the writer carve into poetry, it understands. Silence becomes the sound a listener begins to love because it hears the thoughts which no one pays attention to, it understands.

Because sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

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9 thoughts on “Who Will Listen To The Listeners? #MondayMusings

  1. Hugs!
    I know exactly what you mean… I think I have one or two people who will simply listen. But, not many… :-/

  2. My listener is forever my sister… I just rant it out to her in one breath… But i understand when you say that most resort to the written word to express themselves. And i feel that’s way better than seeking someone else to listen to you.

  3. Oh I hear your woes! It’s the bane of my life. I listen for work, I listen to friends, I listen to family, I listen to my partner but in the end, there’s no one listening to me. Well, my sister tries but she’s the only one. Everyone else either wants to problem solve or just wants to talk about themselves. I ended up needing to see a therapist for my own mental health after not having anyone listen. I reckon schools should teach people how to listen.

  4. I used to be the type of person who kept talking about my problems to everyone. That changed once my best friend, and all the other friends got bored of it and started ignoring me in conversations. That’s when I realised my folly, and decided to change. I don’t quite talk about my feelings anymore, only listen to other people share their problems with me.

    It gets irritating sometimes, though. I truly related with your post, and specially the end in which you state the reason why writers pick up their pens and write. The paper doesn’t judge, the ink doesn’t cry when it gets smudged with your tears. It just continues to be there, constant, unlike many people in this world.

    Lovely post, Nibha πŸ™‚

  5. O it happens with me so many times.. When I feel low, I just need to talk to my closest friends and I am good to go.. it always lightens me up and a good listening without any unsolicited advises are always a welcome πŸ™‚

    Listening is really an art and my husband is a perfectionist in it, but I really need to work on my listening skills..

    Good thing you wrote for monday musings πŸ™‚


  6. I have been there. The intricacy that comes with trying to lead a positive life is you can’t complain to anyone when you are feeling low. Because then others will tell you – you are so positive, you shouldn’t be having issues. I just wish this could be true. People want to hear happy stories and not sad tales. And thus the best friend becomes the pen or the computer keyboard!

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