(E)ntangled #AtoZChallenge

“Who was he?” He welcomed her home with the question in his usual authoritative voice.
“Nilesh, he was just a colleague!” She retorted, banging the door behind her. It was the usual again.


“Yes, Nilesh. What is it?” She finally disconnected the call she was on to pick his call. He had been ringing since an half an hour now.
“Why was your phone busy? To whom were you talking? ” He asked her over the phone.
“I’m in office. It was a client call”, she reasoned before disconnecting.


“Darling, let go for a dinner this Friday night. It’s been quite long we went out together”, he said on a random Thursday morning before leaving for work.
“I’m busy this Friday. Saturday?” She replied as she also pickup up her car keys.
“I already told you we have team dinner after office. It’s been planned since a month.”
“No, you are not going there. We’ll go for dinner”, he said before he left, not waiting to listen what she said.
“I know you did it on purpose”, she murmured.


She kept staring at the empty wall until a tear finally escaped blurring her vision. Her mind was full of recent conversations with Nilesh and his behavior since she agreed to marry him.
This is marriage, not agreement, alerted the mind.
He loves me, reasoned the heart.
You are not a property that he owns. You are a person, you have feelings too. You are not his slave, argued the mind.
This is the way he cares, he just loves differently, murmured the heart.
This is not care. This is dominance, said the mind.
This is love. He loves me, faintly said the heart.
Stop being stupid, this is just obsession not love and it will entangle you forever, declared the mind.

The voices amd the war didn’t end and she drifted off to sleep before reaching conclusion yet again.

There is no one who hadn’t known love. We all have been touched by it at some point or the other. So this April I will take you through the little snippets of love that will warm your heart, touch your soul and might moist your eyes. Stay tuned and watch love unfold daily in new ways.

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