The Petals Of The Red Rose

“Take me home!”, He said angrily to the driver as he shut the door of the cab fiercely.
And then he realised the place he had just walked out had been his home all this while. He felt the first pang of a strange emptiness.
He mumbled some address to the driver and then closed his eyes. His head had already begun to throb. The fragrance of roses still afresh around him. No sooner the vision of his eyes had turned black, the mind played the recent flashback of the last night’s celebration, the night that had been perfect until…


She sat there alone, devastated on the couch, where only few hours ago had been the moments of love. The night had been perfect until the inevitable conversation happened. But then, she knew she couldn’t have stalled it further. They were running out of time now. But what had come out of it wasn’t something she had been expecting or was least prepared for. She couldn’t get rid of the image of him dragging the suitcase out of the house. Even the eyes had exhausted their supply of tears by now. What only remained were the long hiccups and the memories. Her heart was now the like the rose with all its petals scattered on the floor, neither of those she wanted to pick up.


The cab came to sudden halt due to the traffic jam ahead, as if even universe was trying to stop him. He opened his eyes to find any distraction, to escape his very own thoughts which his heart knew were only mere statements to support his immovable decision. Instead of distraction he desperately needed, his eyes only found a petal of rose that was stuck in between the folds of his sleeve. He stared away from it, outside the window, just like he had turned away from everything.
Would you regret, doing it or not doing it?” Read the Billboard ahead, in bold red letters.
He stared at the words for good five minutes until the car finally moved past it. It was a simple question, however it unsettled him further. And then resonated the words his teacher had told the class years back.
“It won’t be easy always but trust me when I say, Love does conquer all. So when it knocks at your heart give it a chance because it doesn’t really reaches out everybody these days. There will be ifs and buts but don’t just let it go because it’s hard. Else it will only fill you with the kind of regret you can’t ever get rid of!”

“Sir, shall we take a detour?’
The question of the driver brought him back to reality. He let out a sigh before he answered him.


She had checked her phone a million times by now but still got no message from the person she wanted it to be. Only wishes for a prosperous new year ahead flowed in and she wondered if it was really a start of happy year?
The clock showed that he had been gone since 3 hours now but felt like 3 lifetimes.
A slight knock at the door made her heart skip a beat. But she was disappointed only to find another good year’s wish at the door. She was about to close the door, her eyes filled with fresh tears, when he said, “Baby, no matter how far I go, I’ll always come back home to you!” as he took out a another set of red roses for her.

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