Half A Decade!

A vowel,
An alphabet,
A syllable,
A word was born.
Few words,
Few nouns,
Few verbs,
A sentence was inked.
Some sentences,
Some comma,
Some thoughts,
A paragraph was written.
More paragraphs,
More characters,
More places,
A story grew.
Much words,
Much rhymes,
Much emotions,
A poem was felt.
A story,
Few poems,
Some opinions,
A blog came alive.
Five years ago, that’s how this blog was born. Five years, that sounds like such a long time ago flew away more in a jiffy. As I look back I feel surprised that it had been there with me through all the ups and downs all these years. Today, as it completes five years of its existence I feel proud of being able to pull it through so long and above all I feel gratitude towards everyone and anyone who had been knowingly or unknowingly been a part of this journey and made it worth the efforts. Thank you.
Happy Five Years!! Cheers to much more!! 

4 thoughts on “Half A Decade!

  1. Woohoo Nibha! What a wonderful milestone! Sometimes we are ourselves surprised by how far we’ve come on the blogging journey! Cheers and best wishes for many more blogging milestones.

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