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“Whatever you do, she will follow”, that one phrase was instilled in my mind since the moment I received the title of the big sister. It seeped into my actions and thoughts too, sometimes consciously but mostly unconsciously. Yes, it is a big responsibility to be an elder sister and it doesn’t come easy. But today isn’t about me but it’s about you, my baby sister. Some unrequested advice from the elder sister, since you might follow the steps, even if unconsciously.

Now that you are out in the world, handling life independently albeit alone with suggestions and advice pouring like rain from all sides, I cannot hold myself back either. In you, I see my younger self standing at similar crossroads that you’re now. Tears swell up in my eyes as the nostalgia of the gone time clouds my vision. Flowing through these emotions, I write a few tips which might come in handy when you might feel lost.

Follow your instincts, all the time. If something or someone doesn’t fit your vibe, let it go. It doesn’t deserve your energy. In uncertain scenarios, your gut is more trustworthy than your mind.

Explore. Can’t stress more on this than I have already been. Explore the city, explore the people, and first of all first explore yourself. You will be a different person each day now, explore the person you are becoming and want to be. Explore the possibilities and let yourself be free.

Trust yourself. There will be times when you will question everything around you and every decision you are making. Cut yourself some slack and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remind yourself that you’re doing great at all times of the day, especially when the day isn’t going your way.

Travel. Now that you are already away from home, travel and see the world as much as you can. I know I don’t need to tell you this one since we are already bitten by the travel bug since childhood but sometimes the busy mundane life takes over. So don’t let that happen.

People. You will be meeting a lot of new people and many of them won’t live up to your expectations. They will disappoint you no matter what. Don’t expect too much from anyone but don’t be sceptical about everyone. Give the benefit of the doubt, most of the time. The true ones will come around.

Speaking about people, there will be many whom you won’t be able to please, especially in your professional life. Prioritize yourself. Spend your energy wisely. Every obstacle does not need to be fought, some are better to just go around.

Pick new hobbies and make time for them. As the new life engulfs you, breathe some me-time into it. Make routines, just for yourself. Take out time to do the things you love, because trust me when I say this,  work will never end. You will find new things and maybe let some old things go, and that’s alright. Don’t fall for the guilt attached.

There is no place like home and you will miss it more than you do it now. Homesickness will come, not always and all the time, but in waves most of the time. Nothing to say here, I’m still dealing with this, one wave at a time.

Lastly, though this should have come first. Take good care of your health. Have a health-conscious routine right from the start because that Monday never comes and work never ends.

I shall end my elder-sister duties here. Just have fun and enjoy life before the golden years of your twenties fly away!

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