Alone She Sat…

This post is written in response to the  Write Tribe Festival of Words: Day 1-  9 Sentence Fiction .

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She sat there alone in the park.
There was no one to adore her, love her, hang out with her or wanted to be like her anymore.
She would just sit there for hours looking at the kids playing and remembering good old days of her stardom.
Once in a while a kid would come near her, but her scars scared them away.
There were times when out of her arrogance, she had rejected everyone who had loved her.
And now she sat alone with no one to love.
There had been no calls ever since this happened.
She still held an year old copy of The Times of India in her hands .
Top Fashion Icon scarred for life in an unfortunate fire accident“, the front page headline read.

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47 thoughts on “Alone She Sat…

  1. It is so important to take our success in a level headed manner. Life is after all a mixture of happiness and grief. The good deeds of our good times alone accompany us during our trials.
    Glad to have come across your space through write tribe. This is a very nice take on the theme.

  2. Tragic about the scar but the bigger tragedy is her lack of friends. And what person doesn’t call to inquire after a scar victim? That’s just not done! Good write up.

  3. Sometimes adversity has opposite effects that is they bring out great strength and help us rise to heights we never dreamed of. But getting there is a long and hard road. We are so conditioned by outer beauty that we often forget that there is a beautiful person inside.

  4. A painful reality, this is . Nibha. Sad that it happened with her ; not just the scar, but the people around her ignoring her You’ve conveyed it beautifully in crisp writing. Well done !

  5. Ignoring people when the going in good is a good indication that we will be alone when the going is bad. It is always important to not let success go into out heads. Nicely done Nibha.

  6. Aah! It’s sad that she is alone at this juncture. But one should never let success get to his/her head. Money and success can’t buy a person’s trust or guarantee a good relationship. One earns these through their words and actions.

  7. Sad. We don’t realize that external beauty is just a passing thing. Today you are young and beautiful Tomorrow you may be old and haggard. But what really matters is inner beauty. It remains with you till the end.

    Lovely, thought provoking post.

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