Tale Of Unmade Rooms – Chapter 6 #BarAThon

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“Did Media pop up with any more stories of their own?” inquired Inspector David, going through the new reports in his hands.

“No Sir, the news lived its six minutes of fame and has died now. Though a revelation from our side may ignite a new spark in them”, answered his subordinate.

“What new have we got on the investigation front?”

“Christopher Shine had a will and its contents are now with us. Though his lawyers have asked for confidentiality. And our detective has some information on Cherry’s background as well”, he said while pouring whiskey for himself and his boss.

“Okay great! Let’s get to work then. Brief me one by one on both. I see the autopsy doesn’t reveal much”, David took the glass of whiskey from his subordinate. He was his best teammate, the person he could trust with his eyes closed. And their little personal office in his garage with a little bar in the corner was his favourite way of brainstorming in the difficult cases like this.

“By the way, where are we on the search of Cherry’s body”, he asked after taking a sip or two of his drink.

“We are yet to figure that one out. I think that holds many clues. The hotel has been searched through and through twice and we haven’t found anything out of place. No stains of her blood anywhere whatsoever. The only clue we thought we had was Angela’s glimpse on the camera but she proved otherwise, Neil being her strong alibi”, he said dejectedly.

“Hmm… There’s something fishy between them. I see something brewing but the vibes are off it.”

“You still believe in vibes? Don’t you think our profession just needs to be based on evidence and not feelings.”

“Yes you are right but one should never ignore those gut feelings. These vibes always have something to tell”, he winked, “more than what meets the eye.”

“So, let’s first begin with Cherry’s past. Had she been a good lady all her life?”

“He has her share of wrongs if we can say. It took deep digging to find out that Christopher and Cherry met for the first time in this very hotel five years ago. Christopher was on his first celebrity tour and it was his first stay here. And I guess meeting her here was his main reason that he stayed here whenever he came back to this city”

“I see. Any details?”

“Yes, the old guard told me that Cherry was an assistant manager at the hotel and it was by fate that they met. Their closeness grew which wasn’t a very lovable sight for John.”

“John? The manager? Why? Did he had a thing for her?”

“She was his wife then”, he paused to pour another drink, letting his boss take in the information.

“And when were they divorced if I am to believe the rumours Cherry was to marry Christopher by the end of this year. They had got engaged some four years ago, right?”

“Yes, they had. Cherry divorced John just a week before the engagement was announced. What I found odd was, despite being unhappy with Cherry’s infidelity John hadn’t any hard feelings about it. It was a smooth divorce. ”

“But why Cherry continue to frequent the place of her ex-husband. Won’t it be awkward?”

“Surprisingly, their marriage was known to little people and so was their friendship after the divorce. I’m not sure if even Christopher was aware of it.”

“I see but that’s alright isn’t it?”

“Well it had been but the after I read the contents of Christopher’s will I could smell something’s fishy”

“Tell me about it officer!”

“He wrote all his property to Cherry, except 25% of the share and the recent 6000 acres bungalow he had just purchased a few months ago.”

“Who’s is beneficiary of that?”

“Angela and whosoever person she marries.”

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PROMPT- Six minutes of fame
THEME- Chase

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