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“What do you think sir?” The subordinate asked David.

“I’m confused. It’s like playing in the loop. Everyone seems to have a reason to kill. Nobody knew about Angela and Christopher until the will came out and she confessed her past with him. She could have killed them both. Neil could have killed in an attempt to marry Angela to benefit from the property. John could’ve killed for the property too.”

Weeks passed and the life slowly began to be normal again. People started to forget the double murders at the most prestigious hotel. But there were people who hadn’t forgotten it yet. The people whom it had affected in some way and the people who were supposed to solve it.

Police van arrived when the day had just began. Mia had settled herself behind the reception, John was behind the computer in his cabin while Angela and Neil went on with the housekeeping tasks with rest of the team.

“Can I meet the manager please?” David asked Mia, startling her.

“Umm yeah, I’ll just call him right away”, as she picked up the receiver of the phone to call her boss. Meanwhile, behind the task she texted Angela and Neil just two words – Police here.

John hurried out to the concierge.

“Good to see you again, John”, David smiled but the smile wasn’t returned.

“Same here. How can I help you?” John asked, tried hard not to stammer. Angela and Neil had discreetly  joined the drama that was to be unfolded next moment.

“This is regarding Christopher’s death”, said David, noticing the new audience.

“Have you found out, who is it?” Mia couldn’t hold herself from asking it.

David’s face brightened as he spoke the next words, ” Yes, indeed that is why we are here.”

“Who’s it?” the question came from John.

David was enjoying all the attention he had. Even his subordinate wasn’t aware of it. He had just followed his boss till here waiting for even his questions to be answered.

“So let me tell you the story. It started many years ago when Christopher and Angela got engaged. He got his big break and was off to his celebrity world tour. Things happened when he was here in this hotel for the first time. It was then when he met Cherry. Cherry who was then not only assistant manager here but also John’s wife. They had already been going through a rough patch in their marriage. And during this seven year itch, Cherry went the wrong road to take revenge on her then husband John. Well, as the affair grew, so did Christopher’s fame and his property. Meanwhile, Christopher broke off his engagement with Angela, and of course Mia hated him for that seeing Angela in pain. It was then time for Cherry’s engagement with Christopher and also her divorce with John. This shattered Angela and John both as they had now completely lost their respective love. So here comes the opportunity for both of them when this love struck star couple comes to stay here. John wants to get rid of Christopher while Angela wants Cherry off the road”, David paused to notice the effect story was having on his audience. He took a sip of water from the glass that was kept on the reception.

“But it wasn’t easy. It would have been if it they had kept their feelings to themselves. Which they didn’t? Christopher was head over heels with Cherry  and Cherry being always the Gold digger, John knew how the will would work out and he could live with Cherry thereafter like he always wanted to.”

“But I didn’t kill him!” protested John.

“The story isn’t finished yet”, said David who was expecting an outburst, “So where we were? Yeah, so Angela, she always spoke about Christopher like she owned him. This did not go very well with Neil. As he digged in a little deeper, his childhood friend turned out to be the lawyer for Christopher. This unknown friend spilled the beans over the drinks and Neil was now in power of knowledge that nobody knew about He now had his own motives. Oh, I love the game people play for Love and Property. This was turning out to be the jigsaw puzzle with different beneficiaries. But the chase has come to an end. Miss Mia, you are under-arrest”, he spoke suddenly, breaking off from the story and catching Mia escape silently.

“Mia?” everyone spoke in unison which was followed by a series of questions.

“Yes, Mia. When everyone was busy planning their motives for the murders they had on their mind Mia executed hers with finesse”, spoke David in his usual flat tone.

He continued to speak when nobody interrupted, “Christopher’s death meant two things for her. One, The end of Angela’s pain which she being her friend she couldn’t bear to see. And no matter how rare you find it, this friendship does exist. Angela you had a wonderful friend”, he looked at Angela who was now silently shedding tears. “And Two, all the property that Cherry would inherit. How? Because, she and Cherry had the same birth mother who had given up both of them to orphanages. They had come to know of each other only recently. Being only last of kin, she was bound to receive anything that Cherry benefited.”

“But how did she do it? That night when Angela was in hurry, Mia made her leave from the back door so nobody could see her leaving. Then later at night, she wore her apron and went to Christopher’s room. Having known Mia, he lets him. She had been there to kill Christopher but as things got out of hand, and Cherry got hurt, she took her away hiding her in housekeeping cart. Did her first aid and drove her some place away.”

“Where’s Cherry? She’s alive?”

“Yes, ofcourse she is. We found her living in a unknown hut at the outskirts of this city.”

“And how did Chris die?” asked Angela. She was the only one to call him Chris.

“Mia had poisoned his wine as a plan B, in case she couldn’t kill him in person. And since, Cherry was allergic to wine she wouldn’t have taken it.”

“Why?” Angela asked Mia.

“Because sometimes love and greed blinds everyone.”

PROMPT- Seven Year Itch
THEME- Chase

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  1. Quite a complicated tale. I will have to print it out and plot all the characters and join the dots before everything falls into place for me . Loved the pace and suspense you have built up but I can’t read it in instalments …

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