We, The Women!

While I was thinking to write a post on Women’s Day, Write Tribe came up with the theme of “Women” for the Day 7 of Festival of words!

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

How Appropriate!
I sat down with my laptop in front of me, thinking of writing something different- A special post, may be. But the blank screen just kept staring at me. Nothing new came to mind. Then I thought, A women is always Special, so a simple post about her is automatically special too.


Since midnight every possible media of communication is flooded with Women’s Day messages, be it Facebook, Tweeter, Whatsapp, you name it and all you can see there is messages rejoicing womanhood! But why celebrating Womanhood just today? Why special recognition today? Why not always? Is she special just for a day? Is it ok to worship her one day and kill her the other day? To praise her one day and abuse her the other day? To idolize her one day and crush her the other day? To own her one day and disown her the other? Is she worthy of your for just a day and worthless the other day? If dedicated a day to her means that she is special, is it ok to let her be killed, abused, crushed, disowned for th rest of the days? I know you are also shaking your head in disagreement! So, stand up and inspire a change in the world!

Of all the posts dedicated to women today, I found this video really sweet. A perfect tribute to womanhood.

What is woman?

A woman is the gift of God– full of Pure Love and Care. downloadShe is everyone- A mother, A sister, A daughter, A best friend, A lover, A companion, A counselor, A listener, A philosopher, A teacher, A doctor, A nurse, A chef, A homemaker.….. You name it there SHE is playing that role! She is all-in-one! Her Love and Care is Unconditional and Priceless just like She is. But she forgets it often. Being Priceless, the price she pays for her care is tears.
People say that SHE is complicated, hard to understand and it makes her further complicated. But she is actually so simple. She seems complicated because she thinks a lot. And what she thinks? She thinks of all the people in her life, thinks of solutions to their problem, thinks of steps she could take so that she can improve the lives she touch, thinks of all the roles she plays.. and for the people she thinks so much label her as complicated! Yes, May be she is! Playing all the roles, she forgets that she has a life for herself too, that she is special too! So, we need to remind her often just not once a year! So go ahead and tell all the women in your life that they are Special!

To all the beautiful ladies,


17 thoughts on “We, The Women!

  1. beautifully summed up nibha,yes we are special let us just hold that thought for an entire year every second. i really read it again again.its sweet .a treat on iwd dxbnidblog

  2. Very nicely expressed! Totally agree with your views here.
    Let us celebrate Women’s Day everyday. And yes, we are beautiful as we are women

  3. A heart felt tribute to the woman in all its forms and love the line, If dedicated a day to her means that she is special, is it ok to let her be killed, abused, crushed, disowned for the rest of the days? In the same way, I say if you can’t respect her, close all forms of female idol worships.

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