Confession of a Writer!

Writer. A person blessed with the gift of transforming the feelings and ideas into words and therefore helps others to feel the same… People say that I have this gift… and I should never let it go..  I don’t know if I have it.. I just write


At times I have n number of Ideas and at times there is none!!

When I am so full of Ideas that my mind doesn’t rest even while sleeping, I don’t get the time to pen them down… and then helplessly watch these Ideas fade away in the darkness of my ignorance… Later do I realize that there could have been a million dollar idea among Ideas that would have made my dream come true… but i had let it go…. thinking that it might come back when i will have time to put it into words… but not realizing that its gone.. gone forever..

Then there are times, when I have so much time… I think to write… I think hard.. harder even… but nothing would come to my mind.. all Ideas playing hide and seek.. my mind gone blank!! As if these Ideas are playing a “tit for tat” game with me!

And then there comes the time when I have time and I have lots of ideas too… desperately wanting to pen them down but.. but there is something that still stops me to do that and i procrastinate… procrastinate further and further.. until either Time leaves me or the Ideas.. and I am left feeling guilty… just feeling the pain of not writing when I had both (Time and Ideas) in my hand!

That’s my story! What’s yours?
Let me just ask the fellow writers… do they feel the same as I do? Go through the same as I do?

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17 thoughts on “Confession of a Writer!

  1. You know, this is very interesting, since it mirrors what I used to go through when I was in college. I used to come up with ‘brilliant, award-winning ideas’ which would fade into oblivion, since I never wrote them down. I even pictured writing a full-length novel once 😉

    Having said that, today, I find that writing comes a bit more naturally to me. The only cure: Write everyday. Write regularly. Write a poem, a sonnet, a short paragraph, an essay, the beginning of a novella.. it can be anything. But, write you must. That frees up the mind to write effortlessly. Of course, I tend to ramble in comments 😉

    1. It’s nice to hear your views. You just mirrored my thoughts! I will try to follow your advice, but it gets tougher to write daily with the college deadlines 🙁

  2. I get a lot of ideas, on a daily basis. Idle mind, devil’s workshop kinda thing
    As soon as I get an idea, I save it as a draft message on sms, or I save it to notepad. A long description isnt necessary, I just type in the key words and hope I remember it in detail when I finally sit down to write.
    Loved reading. Can totally relate to this topic.

  3. Happens to me too… It’s when I am the most busiest… Ideas would keep flooding… I maintain a notepad app to write them.down.immediately lest I forget. But when I have time in my.hand… I hardly feel like writing.

  4. He Nibhz, Hi-5, I do feel the same. I and by brain have a cold war. I want it to work it will be like “Shut up sri”, It overflows me with ideas, I will be like, “No time, save it please”. We are one weird couple.

    By the way, I follow this technique, hope it will work. When you can’t sit down and write but when ideas overflow, carry a journal and write in it. I do it and trust me it will look mad but seriously it’s worth it. You can catch me writing in a mall, in a train, at times in loo too 😛 Later I type and publish them.

    1. *Hi-5*
      Umm.. I recently got the scribble pad for the same reason! And this is the only reason i get the don’t-you-again-get-lost-in-your-thoughts look so many times a day!! 😛

  5. My story is exactly same as yours…Procrastination seems to be interfering in my planning all the way…well I need to bring in the changes
    Hope I overcome this soon….
    Thanks for sharing

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