Will It Be Good Enough?

Scratching my head to write something, I finally came up with this.. hope it’s good enough!!

What should write now?
That will make readers go wow!
It doesn’t sound easy but tough,
Wondering if it will be good enough!

Which is the type of blog post,
That people will like the most?
Its no cakewalk but a walk rough,
To make this post good enough.

To write a different take on prompt,
Hoping it to make a successful attempt.
This road seems so tough,
Will 100 words be just good enough?

Writing a poem that touches the heart,
Or a piece of fiction through word art.
Turmoiled emotions going through patch rough,
To touch the expectations of good enough!

Describe the autumn leaves or falling winter snow,
Drizzling drops or spring winds that blow.
Weaving words is just no bluff,
To take it to the level of good enough.

I decide to write my heart out,
This is what “Expressions” is all about!
It won’t be at all tough,
And it will surely be good enough!



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