A to Z Theme Reveal- Through Her Eyes

Vidya Suri‘s “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal BlogFest” inspired me to think of a theme for the A-Z challenge. This is my first time participating in this challenge and I hope to make it a success.

After a lot of thinking, an idea finally struck me. I don’t know if its good enough. But my heart said this is it! So it has to be, isn’t it?
We all the see this world with our own spectacles of perception but what if someone else showed us the world. How will the world seem to be through the eyes of someone totally random.
So, throughout the month of April, I will let you see the world through her Eyes, A peep in an ordinary girl’s life. To see what goes on in her heart and head! Together we will read through the diary of an ordinary girl. A diary is said to be the closet ally where deepest feelings are poured down! Raw Confessions you can say!

So join me in exploring the world through the eyes of an ordinary girl. This girl can be anyone. It can be you or the girl who is always alone or the girl who laughs her heart out in the day but cry to sleep at night or the girl with million dreams or the girl with secrets or the girl sitting in corner we all notice but yet pretend not to notice. It can anyone, anyone random. So, be here to have a peek!


This is my theme for A to Z throughout April. What’s yours?

To know what other participants are going to write about, Click here! Haven’t Signed up for the challenge yet?? C’mon Hurry!! 


86 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal- Through Her Eyes

  1. Good luck with your theme, it will be interesting to see your interpretation of ‘an ordinary girl’. I’m doing the theme reveal today too and I’m doing my best to get round to as many blogs as possible. So many wonderful ideas so far :).
    Tasha’s Thinkings

  2. Will it be good enough? All us first time A to Z’ers are asking the same thing, aren’t we. We shouldn’t. Participating is the essence of living a full life, no matter what the activity. I am so looking forward to reading your diary; such a great theme.

  3. Hi Nibhz! *waving*
    Nice to meet you.
    Your theme sounds wonderful… really unique!
    I would love to peek inside and see what’s going on…
    My theme is “If Books Could Speak, What Would They Say” and is guaranteed to be LOTS OF FUN! It is interactive, and bloggers are invited to play along!
    See you around on the A to Z circuit!
    Writer In Transit

    1. Hi *waving back*
      Nice to meet you too! Thank you for your kind words. Will love to see you around!

      Your theme seems very interesting, Will surely stop by!

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