The Surprise


It was her birthday. He sat there alone, waiting for her. Two pieces of cake in front of him. One for him and one for her. He kept his phone on table waiting it to sing the ringtone “Tum hi ho” whenever she called. It was her favorite song.
He searched for the ring with which he was going to propose her today. Her blue earing fell out of the pocket. She has dropped it last day when she has left. He placed it on the table. This was the same he had bought her in Delhi Haat. It has become her favorite ever since. Her beautiful face flashed in her mind and a smile on his face.


It was her birthday. She knew he was waiting for her. He had planned something special, she was sure. She was desperate to meet him today like never before. Her parents were celebrating her birthday with a small gathering of close friends and relatives. It was unusual.

There is a surprise“, her dad has said in the morning. She was curious since then. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, she didn’t investigate the details. Seeing her parents happy, she thought of introducing him to them.

Guests started to arrive. She was getting anxious each moment. She couldn’t see any escape to meet him. Her phone has ditched her on the very day she needed it the most. She was lost in his thoughts when her dad asked for everyone’s attention and announced, “Very Happy Birthday My Princess! Here’s the surprise darling! On this beautiful day, we add to the happiness as we announce my daughter’s engagement with the son of my dearest friend. Cheers to Happiness!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The above picture was given as the prompt this weekend.



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