Unforgettable Sunset!

Wishes do come true!! Don’t they? All you have to believe in them or have friends who will fulfill them! One of my wishes was fulfilled today by my dear friend. It was to see the sunset from my favorite spot in this city- Tekri. (well, it might sound silly to some, but it was real close to my heart). So simple words just can’t describe my happiness!

Cheers to Friends who make you Laugh Β when you don’t even want to Smile!!

So, this is what happened! When one of my closest friend coaxed me to leave the laptop, come out of the room to join her and others friends to get some fresh air; I was more than reluctant. ( yeah, AtoZ challenge is really freaking me out, i guess.. if not me then surely my friends! Its hard to put my pen down and have a break!). Sulking due to homesickness, it was quite a deal that she finally made me come with her. And now, I can’t thank her enough for this! You might be thinking how just a sunset made me so happy that even when I am dead tired with eyes drooping, I am writing this.. then i have no words to answer this because somethings are just beyond the description of words (yeah, even for a writer!)

Here, have a look yourself! Beauty beyond words! I hope this has the same effect it had on me…. Totally Mesmerizing!



So, what have you got to say about it?? πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “Unforgettable Sunset!

  1. Very soothing and thank-you-sun-for-shining end of day. Don’t let A to Z freak you; I’ve already got that freaking out covered ‘cuz I’m doing enough for both of us!

  2. I love sunsets Nibha, but I love sunrise more. It is the mark of something really really positive. Like it’s saying, a brand new day is here. A brand new you is here. πŸ™‚ But yeah having lived in the proximity of beaches for twenty four years of my life, I have seen some spectacular sunsets too. Your pictures are really beautiful πŸ™‚

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