Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have never written to you, so basically this is my first letter to you. I know it’s quite late for this year’s Christmas as by the time you read this letter, Christmas will be long gone by. But nevertheless I wanted to write to you. I accept that I wasn’t a good girl whole year. I accept that I was selfish at times, mean sometimes and might be cruel at other times too. I accept I might have hurt the people around me and not always thought about their feelings. So, I know my name surely wouldn’t have made it to your list of good children (Yah I know I am not child πŸ˜› ). But still I thought that writing to you might change your heart πŸ˜›

Well, although my wishlist is too long to be fulfilled and it will surely take more than one Christmas to fill my basket. And most of things on my wishlist won’t fit into the stocking I am just going to hang outside the door (I don’t own a fireplace πŸ™ ). πŸ˜› So, for this Christmas let’s keep that wishlist aside and fill my stocking with lots of flowers. Strange gift you might think I am asking for, but I want flowers and lots of them. Why? For each flower will mean the happiness and brightness in the life of my loved ones. Each flower will mean revisiting each of those beautiful memories I created this year. Each flower will remind me of the blessings showered upon me this year (which were surely a lot many this year). Each flower will reminisce each of the forever friendships. Each flower will tell me to be grateful for every thing in life. Yes, that’s why I need many many flowers this Christmas, to spread the fragrance og goodness all around.

And if you want to gift me something more, I would love Β some chocolates, I love dark ones specially πŸ˜› <3

Hope to see lots of flowers and chocolates tomorrow morning,

Loads of Love,


I wish all my readers Merry Christmas!Β 

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