Restless Truth

“Wasn’t that so much fun?”

Few seconds later…

“I enjoyed a lot, didn’t you? I wish I had enough money to buy that?”

“Huh?? What??” I asked her, confused.

“You weren’t listening to me! Where are you lost?”

“I wasn’t like that R, I was just thinking…” and my voice trailed off. Somehow I didn’t want to offer her a seat in my train of thoughts. She knew if I would be interested in sharing my thoughts, I would tell her without hesitating. I didn’t continue further and she didn’t ask either. We walked in silence. I reached my home and waved my hand bidding her goodbye.

I went straight to my room. I was tired and wanted to sleep but my mind had other plans. After tossing around for around half an hour I ditched my bed to watch something on TV that could kill time and help me escape these stubborn nagging thoughts. TV wasn’t of much help either. Actress were crying for family on those silly Daily soaps, fighting with the villain, having TRUTH as their Armour. Truth. I skipped a few channels to land on the news channels where every channel was busy boasting the truths they have skillfully unraveled. Truths. Nothing was helping. I skipped to the music channel, thinking Music only can be a saviour now. But I couldn’t run away from Truth any longer. My favorite music channel was now showing this latest Kinley TVC.

Truth!! Again. Seems like universe was conspiring to reveal the truth. Being always on the side of the truth all my life, a simple lie in the evening was eating my peace of mind. Watching this video, I realized that whether small or big, A lie is a Lie. Yes, even the simplest of the lies can rob you off your sleep. This is the power of Truth. Truth which if hidden makes us restless, whenever we hide it. I didn’t waste any further minute and ran to my room to get my phone.

“Hey! There? “

I sent a message on WhatsApp.

In a few minutes, she confirmed her presence.

R, who has dropped me home earlier this evening, asked,

“You ok N?? You didn’t seem to be yourself this evening.”
“Yah sweetheart, I am fine. Just wanted to confess something.”

“What happened? Seems like you are in loveeee <3 😛 ” , texted R.  And here she goes off. She just needs the slightest stimulus and she goes off like a rocket!

“Ohooo, Don’t start that again”.  Truth was the only saviour I had for now, to save my aching heart.

“Ok, say what’s the news”, instantly came a reply from R.

I knew I had her full attention now.  My heart was beating hard as if wanting to escape me just like I was wanting to escape this suffocating trap of lie. I was wondering how a simple lie can be a thief of your peace.

“I lied today.”

“Shopping”, I replied.

“Spill the beans N, it’s too much suspense now!”
“When you asked for money and I said no. That was a lie.”
“You are not making any sense N, please be specific.”

Whatever be the reasons I initiated this chat, I seemed to be regretting now. I didn’t have the guts to accept my lie. But finally after a few minutes I mustered the courage to type and hit SEND!!

“I know I had promised to buy you whatever dress you wanted as your birthday gift, but the one you chose today wasn’t suiting you enough. But being your birthday and seeing how happy you were with that dress, I didn’t want to hurt you by telling you the truth. I simply lied you that I don’t have enough money for that. And this has been weighing me down since then. Sorry.”
“My God N, you are so silly. This little lie! We all lie at times, don’t we? And I thought what big stuff you hiding from your BFF! Seriously you are nuts!”
“Still R, I was feeling so guilty about lying to you, my best friend, that I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Now this lie is off my shoulder, I am feeling better.”
“No worries sweetheart!! Anyways, I didn’t like that dress that much. I found a better one online. I am sending you the link. Check it out and give your precious honest opinion please.”

It seriously felt so much better when I told her the truth. Though the lie was a simple one and wasn’t harming anyone. May be I myself would have forgotten it a few days later but it wouldn’t let me sleep in peace whenever it back to my mind. That’s the power of Truth. All it wants is to be out in open else it gets restless.

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Source: Here

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2 thoughts on “Restless Truth

  1. I’m either very good or very bad when it comes to lies.. its weird!
    I think it depends on the people .. I find it hard to lie to someone who is close to me! 😀

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