Old Forgotten Box

box of memories

“Mommy, what’s that box???”, asked Raima in her innocent voice.
I looked up from the box I was unpacking to see what my little one was inquiring about.
Raima who was, unlike us, thoroughly enjoying the process of unpacking and settling in our new place, pointed to an old brown box.
Just a glance at it and I recognized that box which I hadn’t opened since ages.
“That’s my box of memories”, I said with a weak nostalgic smile as I opened the box and all the forgotten memories came rushing back with tears escaping my eyes.

This post is written for the Five Sentence Fiction Prompt- Forgotten

Lillie McFerrin Writes

12 thoughts on “Old Forgotten Box

  1. So many of us have memory boxes. Scraps of paper, old clothes, they never grow old. My mother is 84 and we go through some of her things and it is always enjoyable. The fact that she is giving them away is sad.

  2. There’s warmth in the narrative 🙂 Coincidentally I wrote a poem titled “The Memory Box” only last week!!

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