When I Chose To Share #StartANewLife

Recently a blogger friend of mine celebrated the completion of one year of blogging. This was her first blog anniversary. It reminded that mine is not far way. But not the first but second. Yes, this blog baby of mine will turn 2 soon. As I look back, I realize what seems an effortless task now, is the result of a step taken two years back.
I was always a introvert person and those who share this trait will know, how hard it is to open up. How hard it is to be vulnerable when introversion takes over the rest of your personality. And it’s not hard to break free from the feelings that become the inevitable part of your nature. To share with others what I felt, was a herculean task to me. I would just keep every thing in my head and my heart was the dumping ground for all those unexpressed bottled feelings. Then years back I chose to pen down everything I felt. But the fear of my emotions being read killed me inside.
So when I was advised to publish a blog, it was obvious that I straightforwardly said a big NO!! It wasn’t the criticism I was afraid about, but the initial feeling of displaying the array of emotions I never shared with anyone, made me cringe. It took a lot of coaxing after which I finally took the big step. And as the motive of the blog was expressing myself, so was it named Expressions!
It might not be a big deal for many, but to me it was a huge step. How it changed my life, you would ask. It turned my life around. It was more of a beginning of new life to me, a journey to explore a new me. A girl who was once shy felt a little more outgoing and confident while sharing her thoughts, she felt a little more strong while expressing her opinions. It changed my life in the manner, that I felt more free sharing a part of myself, I felt that being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak, rather only the strong people could dare to be vulnerable. This step, this blog hence this change, opened a new world for me. I met new people, I discovered new horizons. More than everything, I met a new me, a person I didn’t knew existed in me. It made me meet a better me.
When I was new here, the fellow bloggers showed an enormous support. They helped me believe that road might get tough often, but we shouldn’t stop walking. There will be moments of doubts but don’t let doubts overcome you. No doubts about the fact that I became a better writer, walking on this way. Ofcourse the road is long, and there’s so much more to learn. I will discover those explored arenas gradually and I will let those changes define a better me.


Thank you Housing.com for letting me peak into those moments that made me what I am today.

Here’s a interesting video, have a look:


9 thoughts on “When I Chose To Share #StartANewLife

  1. Its good to know your journey into blogging and the benefits. As I will reach 1 year in a few months time, I look up to you guys for inspiration. It was a good read.

  2. Indeed .. and I must concur with you starting to blog had almost the same result in me tooo ..
    my best wishes alwayssssssssssssssssssssssss

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