Dare To Step Into Infinity And Beyond

A deafening applaud took over the hall as Suez walked in gracefully, wearing the most exquisite dress of this Fashion Fiesta. Her beauty eclipsed the shine of the stars which had been enveloping the crowd until now.

I let her enjoy the moment of absolute admiration the audience has been showering on her. I joined her, and we bowed to everyone around, and then towards the camera for everyone watching us on their screens. This gesture of gratitude marked the end of a thrilling week, and definitely, a dream come true for me.

This, after all, was the convention of designers not just from our world, but other intergalactic provinces from outer space as well. A platform to celebrate the United accord of the universe, showcasing designs for their planets and making fashion a tool to establish the interstellar harmony.

The show was over only for the audience, but the celebrations had just begun. Media across galaxies were covering the event and trying their best to get a glimpse and word with this elite group of designers. I couldn’t stop smiling when one finally managed to reach me and popped out the question skipping any pleasantries.

“How are you feeling, Miss Interstellar, Suez being your showstopper!”

“It feels great, I’m humbled”, I replied with a smile.

“You must be feeling so proud that what started out as just an idea has now become a well-known event, more like a festival across galaxies. How did it all begin? I am sure all your fans would love to know your story”, she insisted. I was not prepared for this and was caught off the guard here, but I didn’t want to disappoint my fans either.

“Like every great story, it started with Self Exploration. It was the fifth time when I was presenting at the Paris Fashion Week. The show had fared good reviews and Tour De France had also been an enriching experience like every year. We were ready to pack up and travel back to India.”

“We reached the airport quite early and I was strolling around the lounge, in awe of its architecture and structural integrity. I landed in a stall exhibiting souvenirs of all the countries, few known and several about whom I had no idea about. Exploring the world had always been on my bucket list and this unique stall captured all my attention. This stall was sponsored by Lufthansa. As I walked in, inspecting various items, many things tantalized me to take a detour and break free for the sake of my bucket list. I picked up  several fridge magnets and walked over to the counter.”

“As I paid the due amount, there was a feedback form that was given to me to fill. I had quickly checked the few boxes when the last question intrigued me. It asked me about my #TheBlindList. I had no idea what it was. I asked the person concerned over the counter. He smiled and told me to write about if I trusted the world blindly what would I like to explore. Would I be open to the unknown? I had always been open-minded about the unknown challenges. I went ahead wrote about an interstellar trip, a walk in space, an exhilarating experience of watching my world from a distance and being grateful about being a part of it. Shortly after this, the departure of my flight was announced. I returned home having totally forgotten about the incident and the contest.”

“After a few months, I got a call from Lufthansa, stating they are starting premium space tourism, A peek at the world beyond our horizon. And I am one of the lucky winners to receive a complimentary trip onboard. I was more than excited to express and I jumped at the offer. It was quite literally a blind date with the world. I didn’t know what to expect. All I did was to pack my bags as instructed.”

“The year-long trip was soulful and taught me that no matter how significant we consider ourselves to be, we are just a minute part of this vast universe. The spacewalk, like the one here now where the ramp is set, was where this idea of interstellar fashion originated. I knew there were already space agencies who had made progress about talking to the other people out here. There was already a lesser known association working at a universe level. After my trip, I reached to everyone and after years of struggle here we are, our very first IFF, Interstellar Fashion Fiesta.”

The crowd applauded again. Lost in reciting my story, I hadn’t noticed that all the hullabaloo had calmed down and everyone was listening to my story. I blushed while being overwhelmed by the sheer quantum of appreciation which was received.

The reported congratulated me once again on this huge success and asked me her one last question,” What is your message for everyone?”

“My only message is to go out and travel, explore the world and always #SayYesToTheWorld!” And the crowd started to clap again.


So are you ready to explore the world and its surprise? If there’s something still holding you back, Here’s some inspiration!


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