A Tale Of Friendship #YaaronKiBaraat

I must have been staring at my laptop screen for quite long when my roommate pinched me back to reality.
“Where are you lost??” she asked curiously.
“Ummm.. no where, just thinking something…”, I replied as I reluctantly pulled myself back to reality.
“Or thinking about someone?” she asked again, her curiosity once piqued was hard to suppress.
“Ummm.. Well.. I was thinking about S”, I said as I shifted the laptop for her to see the reason of me being lost in thoughts, rather memories.
She scrolled through the photos of me and my bestie, sometimes smiling, sometimes laughing. And thence began the story telling…. On every photo I had a story to tell..


I had met S the very first day of our Graduation. She was allotted the same room in the hostel as me. I still remember her from that day, simply dressed in a salwar suit. I wouldn’t have thought at that moment that we would have been best of friends. Those initial days of hostel life were hard on us, and we found in each other a shoulder to cry on. Whether it was things not going good in college or inedible food in the hostel mess or sudden pangs of homesickness, we would be there for each other. Sitting at the parapet of our hostel terrace, crying, laughing, joking, dreaming and planning what  the future outside college would be like. These little moments of togetherness in our helplessness and happiness alike were the foundation of our lifelong friendship, I suppose.

But as all friendships face adversities, ours did too. When it was time for the college to end and pursue further education in different cities, it broke our heart for there won’t be anymore late nights chit-chats, no random pranks, no annoying each other just for the sake of it but most of all not being able to be with each other when we would need each other the most. Difficult times were ahead, but then we would stand by each other, we promised; a promise which wasn’t broken thereafter. A particular incident always stayed back in my treasure of memories. That was our first year of Post-graduation and I was trying hard to deal with a lots of problems at the same time, at home, at college and other personal problems as well. I remember her trying to be with me at every moment she can. She would call me after classes, then would ask if I was having proper meals at all the times and she even stayed awake whole night quite a few times just to make sure I didn’t break down and give up to the darkness. Thank God for this technology that we could be with each other even when the miles were between us. We would always pick up where we had left.

While I was going on and on about our friendship tales, my roommate asked me in between, ” What the best thing you like about her?”
“There isn’t just one thing I could say….But yes, the fact that she doesn’t ever judge me for anything I do, is something I love the most. And definitely her fashion sense is incredible.”

“Then there must be something that you absolutely can’t bear about her?” She asked.
“Oh yes, many! But then I guess we balance out that! You can’t hate a person for their natural shortcomings, can you? But yeah, one thing was very annoying.It was the time she would take to get ready which would make us almost miss all the classes, I remember! I remember getting so angry because of that! She used to throw all my punctuality to the winds!”

Hearing this my roommate burst into laughter as she used to do the same. A few minutes later, I joined her too! When we could finally stop laughing, I showed her even more pictures of ours.


“But what made you so nostalgic suddenly?”
“I heard about this new show ZEE TV’s Yaaron Ki Baraat that is dedicated to Celebrating Friendships. It just made me pick up all those bits of memories and revisit them.  I’m so thrilled to watch this show which will be putting celebrity friendships to test with a few fun challenges and tasks”, I chimed.


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