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Hey there everyone. Continuing from where I left… Winters finally decided to leave us but the time it took has cost us a lot. Summer seeped in just as the celebrations of Holi- the festival of colors ended earlier this month, skipping Spring not-so-conveniently I would say. It’s like temperature just decided to double itself and the summer clothes demanded to be pulled out of the boxes even before the woolen were packed off for coming months.

Well, I’m not here to discuss weather ofcourse. As the rains finally washed off the city and other obstacles cleared the way, Our wagon moved on to the next place (not to forget the exploring of Food Festival a few days ago). This time we voted for a sneak peak into the ancient heritage of the city. As the brightly shining Sun wasn’t so supportive of our plan, we could only visit Humayun’s Tomb. Located in the eastern part of Dehli, Humayun’s tomb is one of the best preserved Mughal monuments. This spellbinding mausoleum is the first example of Mughal architecture in India. The last refuge of Mughal Emperor Humayun reminds rather of a palace, than a tomb. Hamida Banu Begum, Humayun’s widow initiated the construction of a mausoleum for her deceased husband in 1565, nine years after his death. It took seven years to be built. Humayun’s tomb is the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent. (More info here).

H tomb 2 H tomb
After the photographer in me was satisfied with a few loads of clicks here and there, and posing for another few with some selfies too, we left the place to quench our thirsty throats. The Sun has sucked out all of our energy and we needed instant replenishment. After some time (read: an hour) we finally agreed on where to have our lunch. Our friend, an ex-Stephanian, insisted that she wanted to revisit her college and show us around. Having heard many stories of the said college for the past three years, we agreed to explore the part of the city known for Delhi University colleges.  We located the nearest food joint that we could find to feed our starving selves. Last glimpses of the ICC World Semi-final (New Zealans vs South Africa) match acted like the extra serving on our plate and that too complimentary 😛

After strolling around in the college campus, which strangely reminded me of some old boarding school (and I couldn’t place it why it felt somewhat familiar to me, may be because of the movies that were shot there… ummm.. no.. therer’s something  else that I can’t put my finger on). Going from somewhat east Delhi to north of it, was on overdose of tiredness and our feet surely shouted in protest and we had to give in. With zero strength left we marched back home.

Explore a city, and you will not only discover new places but also discover a new You!

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  1. I have always loved the capital for it’s amazing architecture and extravagant showcasing of monuments or attractions. The history behind every attraction – big or small is mind boggling. Yes the heat is pretty brutal up there and can truly drain us of all energy. Nice to read your post 🙂

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