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Crossed &Knotted

India’s First Composite Novel




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Crossed & Knotted is India’s first Composite Novel, a book written by fourteen authors in close collaboration with each other. The chapters, each a story in itself, are knotted with one another through characters, events, settings and emotions. The result is a read that criss-crosses through a multitude of emotions bringing out deep rooted human desires. They narrate tales of love and betrayal, suspense and mystery, courage and dilemma, along with hope and resilience. Read it for a taste so tantalizing, that your mind will surely be craving for more!

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Sutapa Basu is an Honours scholar from Santiniketan and holds a Masters degree in English Literature. Her professional career has seen her as a teacher, editor, and publisher. She has worked with renowned international publishing houses like Oxford University Press and Encyclopaedia Britannica. In the last five years of her professional career, she has launched 111 educational titles, 33 CDs and digital products, a language lab and a website. She has also developed and edited over 450 books over the last thirteen years.




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Firstly, I thank The Book Club and Readomania for letting me read this book and review it. “Crossed and Knotted” is the first composite novel of India. It consists of fourteen stories that are written by fourteen different writers with different background. This aspect of the novel makes it all the more intriguing that how fourteen individual stories are linked together leaving the readers in awe.
The stories were heart-enriching and realistic and instigated curiosity about the characters. Each story succeeds in surprising the reader with its twists and turns. With each story, various human emotions come to life to which reader can connect himself. This book is a complete package of emotions which takes the reader on a ride of feelings like love, care, dreams, aspirations, frustration, greed and many more. Primarily set in India, it also highlights our hypocrite society and cliched mentality.
The characters are pulled out of real lives which make them all the more relatable to our lives. Their reactions are exactly like what we would have done if we would have been such situations.
The best essence of this novel is though everything may seem scattered or unconnected mid-way but at the end it comes out as its name suggests- Crossed & Knotted. Hats off to Readomania for bringing it together and Sutapa Basu did a fabulous job in compiling all the stories.
Though the language of the novel is simple but the writing style differs slightly with each different writer. Reader might take time 

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2 thoughts on “Crossed & Knotted – Book Review

  1. You’re right… 14 authors will obviously gift a book fourteen different writing styles, though each story will work its way through catacombs of emotions to connect with other stories in one way or the other. This is what makes the concept of a composite novel so life-like.

    Will love to know what you think of each story and if each different writing style adds value to a reader.

    Arvind Passey

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