Killing Memories

She knocked at the door but got no response. She knocked harder, again and again. Finally her ten year old angel opened the door.
“Are you ok princess??” she asked her, quickly glancing around the room for the source of smoke.
“Yes mumma”, she said smilingly.
“what did you set at fire?? And why?” she asked angrily as she pointed at something burning in the corner of the room.
“Mom, I had a fight with Ryna, I am no more friends with her so I was killing memories we had together.”
If only burning pictures could erase memories, she thought.

Word Count:100

My theme is READER’S IMAGINATION: you hear a book’s name and your imagination takes you the world of your own. The world your imagination creates which is totally different than the world which author has created in the book.

Killing Memories- Tatiana Moore

Estela Ramos isn’t looking for love and thinks there’s nothing wrong with that. But ask her mother or best friend and they’d tell you different. Moo says Estela fears rejection while her mother thinks she’s too gordita. Maybe they’re both right, but Estela is pretty damn happy with the status quo, well, sorta.
At 26 years old, Estela is completely inexperienced in love, and the women in her life just won’t let her die a lonely virgin spinster with donut glaze on her face. She has no time for men, but after a few matchmaking attempts, courtesy of Moo and Estela’s family, men begin descending upon her with great gusto and flair. One who may be the Antichrist, or at the very least have a psycho-complex, won’t take “no thanks” for an answer. The other, with striking green eyes and gentle touch, makes her entire body pulse and buzz.
Estela is overwhelmed by both and one thing’s certain: She won’t get anywhere if she can’t learn to forget the past and really see the one who stands in front of her, eager to love her as she is.Killing Memories


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