The Smile

A rough loud voice broke my slumber. I couldn’t guess what was going on but was certainly sure that whatever it was, it wasn’t right at all.
“Do you have any money to waste on it?”, said that loud voice. The voice was full of contempt.
The other person, the weaker one, who was holding me shook my head in negative. He let out a sigh and out came the puff of smoke from his mouth.
” Tell me? Why are you standing like a fool? Answer me!”, the loud voice shrieked in anger again.
A few moments later, I was lying on the ground and the two men had left. There wasn’t a single soul to be seen. The unpleasant smell of the trash around didn’t let me breathe. Few minutes, may be hours or even days went by and I was still there, unattended.
“Hey look!”, I heard someone say. In faint light I could see that the voice belonged to a frail woman.
With trembling hands she picked me up. But these hands were sure stronger than the ones that had put me down. There was love and warmth in her eyes unlike the cold stares of those men.
” Let’s go home, baby girl”, I heard her say and I knew I can trust this stranger. I smiled for the first time in my life.

Written for the A Prompt Each Day – Midweek Wordle #8



5 thoughts on “The Smile

  1. Shame that people have to put down the baby, but looking at the bright side of things, at least they let the girl live. I’ve read of worse. Well written, Nibhz!

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