The Unpayable Debt

She sat on the lone chair by the lake. This was her escape whenever life went out of her hands. Today was one such day. But the day wasn’t a sad one but a happy one. It was her only daughter’s wedding day. In between the hustle and bustle of the wedding, emotions that were hidden deep inside, seeped out of her heart to her eyes.
Memories are strange, they take you on a flashback ride when you least expect it. Sometimes you can escape it but most times you can’t. Had Karan been alive, he would have been so happy, she thought. She glanced into oblivion. She could hear him say from above, you did it well my darling, just stay strong for our daughter like always. She smiled.
“Mom!! I knew I would find you here. Come let’s go! Everybody is looking for you! You have to be present at all the ceremonies.”
Riya got up, wiping off her tears.
“Mom, why are you crying?”
“Umm..”, she fumbled for the words but she couldn’t lie to her daughter.
” I know mom, I miss him too. But like always, I believe he is here with us”, said Sanchi, pointing towards her heart. She then pulled her mother into a tight embrace. Riya smiled again.
“Remember to get all the packing done until we get back”, Sanchi ordered.
” Huh??” Riya had never spoken about the fears and struggles she faced as a single mother to give Sanchi the best of everything. But her daughter had always understood what she had never mentioned. Now she was scared of her life ahead. With Sanchi gone, she feared loneliness would be knocking her doors.
“I know what you are thinking mom. You will be staying with us after we return from our honeymoon”, said Sanchi as they walked towards their home.
Rita shook her head. This has been a topic of argument between the two ever since the marriage was fixed but none of the two hasn’t resigned yet.
” Mom, I am not hearing no to this. You don’t have to stay alone. You have done so much for me, now it’s my turn. It’s a debt i can never repay. You will stay with us and that’s final” , Sanchi concluded with a tone of finality in her voice. Riya knew she had to give in. Her daughter had read her mind yet again.

Written for the A Prompt Each Day – Midweek Wordle #9



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