Why Do I Cry? #MondayMusings

It wasn’t the best of those  days and I wasn’t in best of my moods either. Yes, One of those days when simple chat or call with my friends makes me teary eyed. And there comes the question : why do you cry?? It ain’t gonna change anything, will it? I know nothing would change but still those tears are unstoppable at times.

Since childhood we are told taught that we should be strong and not cry over every little thing! But it never worked for me! But being a women we are often forgiven for our outbursts. Yes, I say that because I have never seen the men in my life shed a tear ever. It needs strength to be able to hold your tears, they say. I agree. I have done that too so many times. But i had different reasons. At times I didn’t cry because I wanted to be perceived as strong, other times I knew I will have my pillow to share my tears when I will be back to the privacy of my own room. But most of the times I didn’t let them go because people who had hurt me weren’t deserving enough to see my tears.

For others, crying might be a sign of weakness. Putting up a straight face when all you want to break down is indeed strong but trust me, to be able to show your tears to someone needs greater strength. I know you wonder why I say this. But don’t you think you need courage to show tears to someone? To remove your mask and reveal your vulnerable self to someone. I don’t think it’s easy either, to trust someone so much to an extend that you are emotionally transparent in front of them. No it isn’t easy. It’s tough and it’s rare. And those people with whom you can be what you feel are also rare.

So, when you ask why I cry, I say, because I’m stronger than you are! I cry to let go. I cry to be myself. I cry to let my mind be at peace. I cry Because I dare to bare my mask in front of you. There might be innumerable reasons that make me cry : loneliness, hurt, sadness, ignorance, bad day, nostalgia, homesickness and the list won’t end. Yah, you can judge me over that but I still cry over those pretty issues when world didn’t seem to be right for me, but didn’t I just tell you that I am brave enough to be vulnerable??

Do you share your tears with someone or you cry in the dark lonely nights? Are you brave enough to be vulnerable?

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15 thoughts on “Why Do I Cry? #MondayMusings

  1. I agree, crying infront of someone takes a lot of courage ..So you my dear are indeed strong…I only cry infront of S and my sister…else I try to put up a brave face and hide my emotions…I cry alone too..It’s therapeutic and always makes me feel better and stronger

  2. I’m like you, Nibha! There are no two ways about it. I cry to let go. I cry alone…mostly under the shower or in the washroom or in the dark of night. But that makes me feel peaceful. It takes courage to be vulnerable. And I am proud of it. Be brave, sweetheart. Things will eventually fall in place. Hope- and that’s the essence of life! 🙂

  3. I don’t think crying out is like being brave or strong. Crying is breaking down. A strong building collapsing, atleast for me it seems like that. To control your feelings and to not shed a tear when broken down requires a mind of quality. Totally, my own opinion. No offence. Anyway, nice write bud!

  4. To me crying in front of people seems like a daunting task even if I want to I cannot. But yes a good cry always helps.

  5. Very valid post in today’s times. Crying and showing your vulnerability requires lot of courage. I always teach my children to let it out when they are sad, as it will bring relief. It is a different thing that I cry when I am alone…..:)


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