The Date #1


“Do you mind joining me to the club tonight?? It’s an awesome place to hangout on a weekend.”

“Are you asking me out for a date?” My sudden question was too blunt for him. He fumbled for words.

“Umm.. not exactly. Just we both are free and we have no where to go until our morning flight takes us back to the concrete city and…..”, he said after a pause, ” and it’s Friday night.”


“So, we can spend some time togther, if you want..”, his confidence has been drowned by now.

“That’s not an ideal idea for a date, you know”, I replied as we resumed out walk. Sun was about to set and the birds were flying back home. We walked in silence for another few seconds which seemed like minutes to me.


He spoke again but this time he sounded hesitant, “So, What do you think is an ideal date?”

I didn’t reply. Another set of moments passed in silence.

He must have given up hope for my reply when I finally spoke, “Dinner or coffee at some rooftop restaurant with a breathtaking view of the city, would be a nice idea to ask someone out on a tired Friday evening where the cool breeze will unwind our true selves taking off the masks we wear daily in this corporate world.”

“Oh..”, not knowing what to say next, he kept walking assuming I had turned down his offer.

“But for now, just sitting here by the beach and having some street-food might also do the trick”, I said it in a serious matter-of-fact tone. I had stopped walking to see  the effect of my words on him. He turned back to see me standing and I smiled back at him.

We sat in a beach cafe and bade sun goodbye for the day welcoming stars in our life.

Wondering what happens next?? Here’s it:

The Memory #2



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