The Hope #3


Wondering what happened before?? Here’s it:

The Date #1

The Memory #2

Another week had gone by since I had returned from Pondicherry, I mused. The memories were still fresh from that day. I, once again started the slideshow of those memories in as slow motion as my car was moving in this busy weekend traffic. While I honked mindlessly, I cursed myself why had given in to my colleagues-turned-good-friend’s incessant request to spend this weekend at her place, when I clearly knew what it meant. The nights would be spent doing anything but sleeping. But I had agreed, only I knew why.

He had told me then he had a friend here in Mumbai. I know I was hoping too much when expecting to meet him like that in some pub or restaurant out of sudden were clearly not more than asking for a miracle to happen. But still I hoped, like a silly teenage girl. I hoped liked an idiot that he might have flown in for this weekend and might just bounce into me in one of the thousands of crowded places. But mere thought of having his glimpse again watered the seed of hope in my heart. This is why, I decided to sacrifice my quiet cozy weekend to noisy restless one.

This hope that filled my heart was fighting the demon of Logic in my mind. Was he as anxious as I am or is this just me over-thinking about an ordinary meet? If he was interested enough, he would have atleast dropped me a message by now? We are living in 21st century, when the lives of people are ridiculously rules by gadgets and social network. No approach anywhere! I am uselessly keeping my hope high only to be let down in the end. Just then when the Logic seemed to have killed the Hope, my heart spoke in whispers that we hadn’t exchanged any contacts and my social accounts were deactivated since past one month.

I reached my destination and but the war was still on. I parked the car and walked out to the front door and presses the doorbell. I smiled like an idiot while my heart and head fought over the person who didn’t even own a place in my life yet, a person whom I have met only once. But he had somehow already managed to make a place for himself in my heart. I wondered what one random date can do to my heart… to my mind… and to my life.

To be continued….



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