The Flight #4


Wondering what happened before?? Here’s it:

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The Memory #2

The Hope #3

I was grinning like a 13 year old who’s madly in love. I wondered how in three decades of my life I had never felt this before. I have dated a few girls earlier too but may be that was never Love, as they describe it to be. I felt like a teenage boy in the body of a 30-year-old man. Silly!

Announcement had been made that we were going to land in Mumbai in few more minutes. Mumbai. Yes, here I was. Not for the first time, but surely this was most unpredictable journey ever. I was never the one who would do things unplanned but this time I just knew that this has to be done. I had felt my heart already in my throat as soon as I had booked the tickets, and the excitement had broken all the previous records when the aircraft took off. And all this for just a probability of single sight of hers.

Now, I understood why they people lost their minds in love, I could see that doing it myself. I remembered the call from the from my batchmate who had just moved to Mumbai after five years in London. He was clueless about the city and I was surprised at my own words when they came out of my mouth – “Don’t worry, I’ll help you. I am flying down to Mumbai this weekend. We’ll hunt a house for you.”  I think all this while my heart was waiting for a single opportunity to grab to just be in Mumbai.

Flight landed. I grabbed my bag and made a quick exit as if she would be waiting for me outside.  All this in such a hurry that if someone observed me would have thought me to be a criminal escaping the cops! I didn’t know if I would see her here. But there was this feeling that I would. May this is called hope… or may be love.. or may be idiocity. I smiled like an idiot again. Just the thought of her endearing brown eyes enchanted me.


To be continued….


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4 thoughts on “The Flight #4

  1. I had to go to your part1 to get this story, but you know what? it was totally worth it! think about writing a novel now…I like the way the scenes are coming alive as I read!

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