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Finding a house that might remotely look like your home is a very tough task. It’s not easy to find a place to live that fits your taste and budget both. With the property prices in Mumbai soaring higher than your dreams should, it’s even tougher a task. This is what took all my days last week including the weekend. The search had begun long ago but it was this week we finally walked out in the sun to explore our options.

Day one of the search was a big turn off. With our expectations set high with our imagination and broker’s description, the place in turn was a huge disappointment. It wasn’t half my home and price was more than double. Why? Because this is freaking Mumbai. Well, at the end of day when the broker had walked us around for absolutely no fruitful reason, he turned out to be a real idiot who couldn’t understand our budget and needs.
Day one over.
Status: Tired and Disappointed.

Day two began. A Saturday morning, I leapt out of bed with groggy eyes. Yes, I had no better plans for Saturday. Meanwhile during the week, my friend had already chalked out three other places off the list. After getting lost and feeling stupid at a local station which has confused me with it’s excellent organization of the two railway lines but no proper agenda of helping the newbies like me. So by the time I reached our meeting point, I was already exhausted and sleepy, with my stomach growling in hunger.

We reached the address given by broker no. 2, and found out that the place was so far off from the nearest station that we struck it off instinctively. For the house, it was somewhat nice but no, not our choice. Thereafter, we filled our stomachs with yummy Chinese food and geared up for another set of visits.

What came up next was nothing less than a haunted place. It got creepier with every sight. Though it was the best locality of what we have seen so far but the society and the house seem to crumble down the moment we danced at our best or sang at our loudest. It was fragile with no instructions of “Handle with care”, or so we thought because the next moment our eyes fell on the notice just at the entrance, which said ‘Beware the building might fall’ in some fancy words.


We decided that this broker was not to be trusted who showed us the dilapidated buildings and even tried to convince us for the same. We had concluded that this day also turned out to be a waste. Just then when we had all our expectations down, he showed us this place , we declared our home instantly! Guess, God just changed his mind! But the cost was blowing us off. All the savings (well I’m calling that meagre amount as my savings!), I could see vanishing and the items on my bucket list blurring already.
Day two over.
Status: Abode found. Happy and content.


Sunday. Content with yesterday’s result and unaware of God’s future plan of action, I happily made plans of shopping in the city streets. Phoenix Market City and Colaba Causeway were my targets for the day. I didn’t find what I was looking for, though I did stumble upon some junk jewellery which I couldn’t resist buying. Feeling of strolling through the old Mumbai was a treat to my heart. Old Victorian buildings with intricate architecture and the cool breeze touching my skin brought soothing thoughts to my mind. The crowd filled the CST station where everyone hurried off in direction of their own destination. Walking out of the station, Passing through the Leopold café my mind couldn’t think of anything but the 26/11 attacks.

Vt at night

As the weekend ended, I tried to gear up for the coming week but the very next morning again I regretted being late to hit the bed. However, Monday brought colors of Hope instead of the regular shades of blue when I got the hint of going home soon (read almost more than a month). I realize that these little moments of happiness are what that keeps us going through the mundane days of corporate life. Isn’t it?

Have you ever faced challenges while trying to find a new house in a new city?? How did you manage the things?? What do you think about the corporate life?

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17 thoughts on “House Hunt #MumbaiMemoirs #MondayMusings

  1. House hunting can be painful. The ones I like I can;t afford, the one I can afford I don’t like… the eternal dilemma of a house hunter. Have fun 🙂

  2. My husband and I just found a place to move in to and it was nothing but a nightmare the first day. Strangely enough on the second day we found the perfect place that we could already imagining living in. It is comparatively easier to find houses in Bangalore when compared to Mumbai for sure.

    It’s been a while since I have visited Mumbai. I love the crowd and hustle bustle. But yeah, newbies and tourists like me might have a tough time trying to figure out things. Colaba is a place I have wanted to visit and shop since like forever. It is high on my list for street shopping and I shall be visiting Mumbai soon for that.

    I’m glad that you found a place you liked. May this house bring you more happiness and joy. Also, I think you meant abode and not adobe 🙂

    1. Yah, that’s exactly what happened when we saw that house I mentioned. Exactly the like we had imagined. I went to Colaba was a great place to shop for accessories specially! Do tell when you are here, we’ll hang out together 😀

  3. House hunting is a difficult task because there will be always this skewed relationship between our budget and the cost of houses available. Getting a house of our liking always ends up with us shelling more than what we intend to. I live in a rented apartment in Bangalore. I love my place and was relieved when the owner said he would happily let us stay for the second year too. I dream of living in this house as long as I stay in Bangalore because the idea of house hunting is haunting.

    1. That’s great for you! Seriously, I’m having nightmares about not finding the right place that I can my home! 😛 I hope things get finalized soon enough.

  4. House hunting is always stressful. We have faced the same dilemma in US, as we have moved quite a few times here across several states. And it is not just the house, we have to hunt for a new doctor, new school for my toddler, new car service, new everything!

    Glad you found a place. Hope you are all settled in by now. 🙂

    1. Oh dear! Quite a lot of headache it is to find everything that suits you and then move out again. Things are still getting finalized so haven’t moved in yet.

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