Christmas Made Special #MumbaiMemoirs

Hola all,

Festive season all around huh??? While everyone prepared for Christmas and planned for new year, I with my friend was busy going through the formalities of house-renting and shifting to the new house. Yes, finally we did it!! Yay!! We got the one we had loved at very first day of our house hunt! Love at first sight you can say! 😉 I bet it was!

So shifted and settled and now it struck me how badly I’m missing internet, seems like internet packs on cell phones are just not enough. We need a WiFi setup soon!! Until then my online presence remains subdued except for the time I manage to squeeze out of office hours, like now 😉 Over an all, this house hunting has been an exhausting exercise but also a learning experience. Seriously, so much goes into finding a house, I would have never known if I hadn’t been through it personally! People say it’s huge mistake I’m making by deciding to take this house and it will definitely burn a hole in my pocket (it already has). But I don’t know why this has only made me even more determined. I have reasons to do this. I don’t know if I can explain this to anyone, but I can surely explain these reasons to myself and that’s pretty much enough for me at the moment. I hope they will understand this too.

Lessons apart, as soon as we shifted we had guests. People say it’s a good omen. I bet it is. My friend travelled from her location to mine, I bet we had a helluva great time. She helped me in setting up my room while I helped her shop for her impending wedding next year. Going out and exploring city market had no comparison to all those ready-to-sell mall shopping. The sheer pleasure and satisfaction of having bought something worthwhile after hours of rounds in almost every shop just can’t be denied. It’s awesome. One day ended at world famous Marine Drive while other ended at Juhu Beach.

marine drive
Marine Drive

She said she loved the city too much. I couldn’t agree more. I am also falling in love with this city, a little more each day. With our days full of shopping, which restricted the sight-seeing, and night filled with gossip, we didn’t even realize when the long and the last weekend of the year ended. It was time to bid her goodbye. After seeing her off, I came back with a heavy heart. Her presence was the best Christmas gift and it was one of the best weekends of the year! On Monday, it seemed as if I had suddenly fallen out of a dream. She had been gone only for few hours and we already missed each other. Not to mention, we are already planning our next trip. I guess this is what BFFs are for, to be there with you in your best and worst days!

juhu at night
Juhu Beach

Before anyone could realize, the another weekend is already here to welcome another year. Office is already half empty with people gone on year-end vacations. Schools too are celebrating Christmas and New Year. Every other Showroom is alluring its customers with its Year-End or Festive Sales already. Decoration is mesmerizing all around. And I’m sitting here writing this post, again not going home this time. Having home in a city is good but there’s nothing which can beat hometown and mom-made food.

But but but… I won’t get sad today and will make some plans to welcome this year with a bang.. So, off I go! See you on the other side of the year!  Until then, have fun! Happy New Year!!

What are your plans for the next year? How are you going to welcome it? Or will it be just like another day?


15 thoughts on “Christmas Made Special #MumbaiMemoirs

  1. Moving to a new place makes the entire year all about it, doesn’t it? Ditto with me, although I moved to a different house in the same city 😛

    Happy New Year Nibha! May 2016 be more awesome for you 🙂

    1. Ah! The year was actually meant for hopping from one city to another! But now when I look back, I think I loved it. It made me learn so many things!

      Wish you a great year ahead!

  2. Tell me about it, the house hunting! You know that I just moved into another flat and I’m pretty happy with it. So, do what your heart says. I’m sure you are happy now.
    I didn’t have any new year plans. I just stayed in bed watching ‘Quantico’. But I hope 2016 will be an eventful year.
    Have a happy new year dear. And Good Luck in everything! 🙂

    1. I’m super happy too! 😀 Come soon, we’ll party together for our new places! My year was so eventful, so full of changes! I hope 2016 will be the same 😉

      Wish you a great 2016!

  3. Wishing you happiness in your new location, Nibha. I wondered why you made the sad face when someone mentioned another BAR meet. Now I know why. Hugs! May 2016 be filled with happiness for you!

    1. Yah, That made me sad! I don’t want to miss even once chance of being with you people. I will hate to miss it, I hope everyone turns up for surprise in Mumbai! 😛
      Wish you a great 2016!

  4. A new place always brings out the adventurer in me!!
    We welcomed the year peacefully. It was just us 2 and we celebrated quietly at home. I am hoping it will set precedent for the year ahead 🙂

    And beautiful pics! Wishing you a fabulous 2016 my dear 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you! My Explorer mode is on since I landed here! Welcoming 2016 was a quiet affair with friends, what else do we need! 😀
      Wish you all the luck for 2016!

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