The Sunday Scroll #33

Sunday Scroll

How are you? Are you like me lazing around after a month exhaustive challenge? Oh, that’s totally understandable. What I had thought would be a week’s break, was soon turning out to be a little sabbatical from blogging on its own. I even thought what if I decide to take real long break from it. Though breaks have happened before but I have never done any if those deliberately. Why am I even thinking about it, I wonder, because it’s one thing that has completely dissolved itself in daily life schedule. I put the thought the very next moment how much I have started to miss writing.

It’s been long we talked to each other right? I was busy doing fiction whole month and hardly wrote anything apart from it. So let’s talk today. A friend of mine once said to me, it’s always good to talk. Talk about anything or everything, didn’t matter. If you feel you are suffocated with those thoughts, let them out. Talk to the person who loves you , a person who is ready to hear you out. Talk and be heard. I think this is what let to the world of blogging. We all want to talk and we all want to be heard.

But I won’t bore you with this philosophical stuff. While everyone threw off their laziness blanket a few after the challenge, I just refused to let it go. While my mind kept on thinking about the numerous fabulous ideas to write about, my hands were too lazy to type those words out of my head. I’ll soon show you around some places which I have been exploring or trying to explore in between the bouts of laziness.

While the temperature doubled and humidity tripled (ok, I know this is quite an exaggeration), my laziness was squaring itself. My creative instincts went under the bed to hide in the darkest corner only to spring out in action when it was literally dragged out. Here’s an example of what gift I made for my bestie’s birthday pulling out an all-nighter. For now it’s time to get out of bed and dress up for the day.

Bestie's card

Have you been stuck with such laziness that you don’t even want to what you love the most? I think we all get one one of those days weeks. Isn’t it?

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #33

  1. A cute gift and I am sure your friend will treasure it for life. The A to Z was taxing and more so when it comes to fiction. I took three days free from writing but back to the grind. I am doing ghost writing for a book and you can imagine..hehe

    1. Oh AtoZ! I’m like far far away from writing. But then, May has always been like that! Ghost writing is pretty taxing too. Good luck with that!

  2. Thanks Mithila. I need to get back to writing and blogging but I don’t know where time flies off!

    Thanks for the compliment. Do try it out! It was fun doing it 🙂

  3. Such a thoughtful gift! And I seem to have missed all your A-Z posts thanks to being off the grid. Will try and catch some of it soon. Laziness is normal, don’t worry. We’ve all been there where we don’t want to do anything. It’s fine 🙂

  4. That’s such a cute thing you made. Very creative of you! This Sunday scroll is a good way to start again. You write your thoughts our are we are all there 🙂

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