The Sunday Scroll #34 – I’m Back!!

Sunday Scroll

Hi everyone,

I know, long time no see. I don’t know about you, but I have definitely missed you all a hell lot. So, I’m trying to be back to blogging now since life now seems to settle down a bit after quite an eventful ride in 2019. After April AtoZ 2019, juggling with various parts of life, Blogging kind of took a back seat for me. But it was not forgotten for sure. A part of me ached every time I saw blogging festivals being announced and I had to miss them because I absolutely couldn’t squeeze in time to write, publish, and read blogs. So I made peace with myself that I will be back when it’s time. And I guess now it is. As most of you might be already aware that yours truly has made some major changes in her life in the past one year. I pursued my passion, returned to a regular job, and then finally after almost eight months of rigorous planning (oh! you know how perfectionists are!) got married to the love of my life. Those wedding stories I hope soon make an appearance on the blog.

For now, bored of being a part of a time that will go down in the history as Corona Lockdown, I finally and quite literally dusted off my personal laptop and fired it up to pen something down. After more than a month of being confined to the walls of my New Home, my mind seems to be afloat with words that definitely needed a rescue. If not given an outlet they right now hold the potential of bursting my head itself. I think most of my creative fellows would understand what I am trying to say out here. All our creative powers do need an outlet, at least from time to time if not daily. Each one of us does understand this but most of us are burdened by the requirements of our daily lives and often do not get enough time to bring out our passions, which tends to keep us alive than just exist.

I have time and again realized this that out of all the other hobbies or passion as you may like to call them, writing is something very close to my heart and so is this blog. So, when this blog bears the brunt of my negligence due to whatsoever reason, a part of me starts to nag me about it. I know it sounds crazy but that’s exactly what made me squeeze out time and type all these feelings out here. Do you feel them too?

So, what next now? I ask myself. A year-long break is actually quite long and makes me feel like almost a newbie now. I find myself as clueless as I was seven years ago when I had started this blog. So I call out to fellow bloggers to pull me out of my lazy rug and guide me through this. Let me know where are the blogging prompts up every week, my mind is looking to build up stories again…

Until then, I will share with you the lockdown stories of a newlywed and a new series that is still under planning mode. Details will be out soon!


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Scroll #34 – I’m Back!!

  1. Welcome back! And I did miss you here. But through pictures, I had a fair idea of what you were up to. Congratulations!
    On prompts – I would say write what comes to you. The best posts that are the one written when you want to share. So tell us about your love story, the wedding story, life at work, settling in.. you get the idea 🙂 Take care, Nibha and happy to see you around.

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