A Dose Of Nutrition With #Danone

Who wants to miss out on a little fun on an evening that’s not a weekend!! And specially when you know it’s nutrition that’s going to come along. Last week, it was one such informative, fun-filled and nutrition-aimed blogger’s meet I attended. Organized for the product launch of Danone, a health and Nutrition brand, it was a wonderful evening.

The evening started with the introduction to Danone India, Dairy Business by Manjari Upadhye (Country Manager, Danone Dairy). Danone is a French multi-national food products company that mainly deals with Fresh Dairy Products. It started the nutrition business in India in 2012 with the acquisition of nutrition portfolio from Wockhardt Group.With it’s ever expanding ranges of products, Danone is a known in many families across the country. Adding to their palette was new product – Greek yogurt. Danone Greek Yogurt is now available in two flavors namely – Blueberry and Mango and priced are at Rs 35 for a 80 grams cup.

What is Greek yogurt?
The evening continued with Nutritionist Naaznin Husein as she told about the basics and benefits of yogurt in the current lifestyle and fast food habits we have.
Yogurt is a cultured milk product that is soured ad thickened by the action of specific lactic acid-producing cultures added to milk. The lactic acid produced by the culture coagulates the milk protein, thickening the milk and adding the characteristic sour flavour.
yogurt is naturally nutritious food that is good for people of all ages/ It is an excellent source of calcium, protein and potassium. Due to the fermentation process, it assists the human body in better assimilation of the vitamins and minerals naturally found in milk.
Greek yogurt is creamier and has higher protein content. It contains twice the protein, half the sodium and half the carbohydrates than regular yogurt. It contributes to good amount of proteins and B12, especially for vegetarians.

Interesting Yogurt Recipes
Chef Varun Inamdar, who is also the health ambassador of Danone, shared with us interesting yogurt recipes. His demo of snacks with yogurt was only informative but also very much innovative. Be it minor tweaks in the traditional recipes from the corners of India or be it international cuisines made just in five minutes, he shared it all with us in the short span of time. The recipes were fun, easy and quick to make with ingredients that are easily available in every household.

Post all this, delicious dinner was served to fill our empty stomachs. After dining and connecting with fellow bloggers, we went back home with a basket full of nutrition!

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