(U)ntold Story #AtoZChallenge

“What do you think Rishi?” she asked him, staring at him.
“About what?” he said, his eyes never leaving her face.
She took another sip of her cold coffee. They were sitting in their favourite cafe, at their regular seat by the window. It began to rain. Rains was his favourite but he would miss her sight even for the rain. It would have made a perfect date, if only…
“About Raj, Rishi! What do you think? Does he love me?” she broke his reverie mercilessly.
“How could I tell anything about it? I can’t read his mind!” he eyes betraying his tone.
“Ofcourse you can!” she insisted. “If you can’t read his mind then I wish I could” she smirked.
“I wish you could read mine”, he whispered that it was hardly audible to her, taking his eyes away from her reluctantly to the rain outside.
Nobody spoke for some time. They just sat their sipping their coffee. Silence was never awkward between them. She was lost in the thoughts of Raj and Rishi was lost in the hers.
“I have to leave now”, she stood up abruptly.
“But what happened? And that chapter you wanted to study.. we haven’t even started yet..”, he stammered as he tried hard to save the time he had with her which slipping fast from his hands.
“I will catch up with that later. Raj is waiting for me!” she ran towards the exit without giving him another look.
He sat there heartbroken hoping for her glance. If only she knew his untold story.

There is no one who hadn’t known love. We all have been touched by it at some point or the other. So this April I will take you through the little snippets of love that will warm your heart, touch your soul and might moist your eyes. Stay tuned and watch love unfold daily in new ways.

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