Breaking Free

She smiled a little more as she turned the page to continue reading his interview. So far they had only talked about his success and nothing personal but she was sure to find something here. She was surprised to find a picture of him in the lower right section of the column. He was holding something in his hand, showing to the camera. She leaned forward to see that it was her picture that he displayed so proudly with a smile. She couldn’t contain her happiness and picked up the phone to call him instantly. But as usual, at the first call he was unreachable and further calls weren’t received by him. A slight shot of pain pierced her chest and she dejectedly put the phone away, waiting for him to call her back. She resumed reading the interview thereafter.
Why did you choose the word “Patterns” as the name for your brand?
I knew this would come. (He chuckles) infact I have been partially waiting for this one to answer. You know it’s a long story behind “Patterns”. Since childhood I have been quite keen on breaking the patterns. Whenever I noticed a pattern being formed I was bound to break free out of it. It was against me to be a part of it. So when I thought deeply about it, I knew the name would be related to it too, it didn’t need much brainstorming.

What was the first pattern you broke yourself from?
Oh, I bet if my mom read it I would be beaten blue. There were these class tests I always topped, I realized my teachers would blindly expect me to be on the top of everything and how it started to weigh me down. I noticed the pattern that to please them I tried gaining more and more marks until there was no more scope because I started getting full marks. (Chuckles) Then I failed, not to rebel but to break free from their expectations, to break the pattern. I think that was when I must have been in grade sixth or so.

Everything was going good in your life, professionally then what intrigued you to leave your well settled career behind and venture into totally unknown domain. Was this decision also inspired by your “Break the Pattern” philosophy?
(He gives a hearty laugh before pausing to think and reply) First of all, things are seldom like what they seem on the outside. And more than the philosophy, it was my need to break free of the monotony that had began to feed on me.

You have become an inspiration for the youth but what makes me curious is where did you learn this philosophy from?
I think I got this from my mother. I’m like her. She had been the pillar of strength and inspiration for me always. I was a little kid when she had first broken the pattern for me by breaking free out of an abusive marriage. I think there is started. Wait, here is she. (A proud yet soft smile shows up on his face as he fishes out her picture from his wallet)

An even broader smile followed on her face.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

Prompt : Pattern

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17 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. I loved ur take on the prompt which is a mix of a story and interview! That’s an interesting combination. Though we admit or not we learn a lot from our parents and it defines our life in a way. Beautifully penned Nibha.

  2. That’s a different take on the prompt. I liked it. Hope he breaks the pattern of not answering her calls the first time. This is a great start to the challenge!

  3. Nicely done Nibhz combining a story in an interview or is it the other way around 😉 Being inspired by our parents is something that comes like a reflex as we tend to emulate them, sometimes even without realising!

  4. What an incredible take on the prompt:)
    Somehow I recall a place that used to be called. Columns ( dunno why;)

  5. That’s such a lovely story; rightly putting across the importance of breaking free and also about coming out of abusive marriages! Good one, Nibha 🙂

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