The Reunion

He kept pacing from right to left, left to right impatiently, once in a while glancing at his mobile to check if her new message has arrived. While he paced up and down the waiting area, his eyes were glued to the display that announced the arrival of the flights. Only if he could fast forward the time by a few minutes. After months of waiting patiently, 8 months and 22 days precisely, it was these few minutes that he was finding unable to bear. It has only been five minutes since he had parked his car in the parking area of Indira Gandhi International Airport before heading towards the Terminal 3, where her flight from San Francisco would be landing shortly.
From the window, she could see the city lights below her aircraft. It felt like all the stars have come down to the earth just to celebrate their re-union. It had been a terrible time being without him. She wondered how in just a short time they had come so close that their hearts couldn’t beat without each other. She noticed the marks on her wrist and remembered how he had entered her life like a hope and pulled her out of her darkness when she had lost all the will to live. A smile spread its wings on her face as she reminisced the moments of their story, the red color filled her cheeks and her eyes twinkled brighter than the stars.
It had been a tough time for both of them. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, worked true for them. The more they were away from each other the more they wanted to be close. He kept checking the display and she kept peeping out of the window for the runway. For a while she wanted to just jump out of the plane if only that could make her see him a bit sooner. A tell-tale smile had made its home on her face as she kept glancing at her cell-phone’s wallpaper which she had set as their latest selfie together from almost 9 months back. It was time for new memories, she thought.
As the display now spoke of her arrival, he decided resolutely that he was not letting her go again. He had done it once and regretted it deeply. But this was not the time for regrets, it was time for celebration. His love was coming home and was not leaving him again ever. In another ten minutes, he saw her exiting from the terminal, her luggage trailing behind her with a gift package in her hands and her eyes searching for him. His hand automatically reached his pocket to ensure if the little box still rested there. It’s been quite long it had been waiting for her since she left, the little box of love.
Her eyes found him in less than seventeen seconds and she ran forward to hug him not caring about the onlookers. He held her tight in his embrace not letting even a breath escape. It has been too long a wait to be in each other’s arms and they stayed in that moment for a while. No matter how much the technology eased the pain of distance, nothing that can replace the warmth of a hug from the person you love.

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22 thoughts on “The Reunion

  1. Such a sweet tale, lke Raji says. 🙂 I too hope their reunion is a long and happy one, and they stay like that. (but maybe they should go out of the airport first.:D )

  2. You have expressed the lovers angst at being apart so so well here Nibha; their anxiousness to see each other and be with each other is so palpatable, I wonder if everyone in the plane and the terminal could not guess it 😉

  3. Ah! Airports – the hub of all kinds of human emotions. Meeting, Separation. And everything else.

    Interesting story by the way. Hope they find the happiness 🙂

  4. The last line was so true. Technology can never replace a warm hug. Reunions are so wonderful. It’s just the parting, before the reunion that is excruciatingly painful.

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